My Son Will Realise His Duty To Join Me : Yashwant Sinha



After the word of wars has crippled the Father-Son equation to the level of criticising each other in mainstream media , Yashwant Sinha the former finance minister and senior BJP leader who is trending from the day his Indian Express column got published yesterday made a assuring yet positive statement that his son the current minister in Modi government  Jayant Sinha will soon realise his duty to join him in his battle of saving the economy of the country.


The  full  excerpt

Yashwant  Sinha has said he will sit tight for the day when his son will realise his duty and will return to go along with him.

Talking at a book release work on Thursday night, Sinha said there was an endeavour to make father-child intricacies following his article pummelling the Mode government’s treatment of the economy.

His son Jayant Sinha, who is Minister of State for Civil Aviation, had composed an article a day later discussing “key auxiliary changes” that were “changing the economy.”

Noting an inquiry, Yashwant Sinha said that overemphasis was being made on the fact his son is in the cabinet and that it was “unnecessary” he added to it.

“There have been a few cases ever, even today, of father and son not concurring. As I said on the main day, he is doing his dharma, I am doing mine “.

“Some time or another he understands his dharma (duty) is to help me, I will sit tight for that day. In the event that he doesn’t understand, good fortunes to him,” Yashwant Sinha said in the wake of releasing the most recent book of Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari “News of Troubled Times” in New Delhi.



What can we expect?

We can only expect the battle to go on and on  because his son has to be loyal towards the government being in the cabinet although Yashwant Sinha was the only man who got entry for his son by leaving the active politics before resurrecting  back to proof that he wasn’t even in the “margdarshak mandal” the senior most advisory body of the BJP but again how was he giving press statements taking names of the same well its  a total game of blame going on with Yashwant Sinha on the verge of being sidelined is trying his fullest to gain back the prominence he had in Atal Bihari Vajyapee  regime . Both are doing their own dharma (duty) at their own places and it s unlikely that Jayant to align with him because the future is with him, not his father, that ‘s  what the politicians do to you as even father-son become sworn enemies let it be ideologically disguised in the name of democratic spirit.


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