Taj Mahal Is A Traitor’s Symbol For BJP’s Sangeet Som


Radical Hindu Right Wingism is on the rise again as BJP’s controversial ”communal” MLA Sangeet Som made a statement on one of the seven wonders of the world, the pride of Uttar Pradesh –  Taj Mahal which has been placed as a place of anti-Hindu, pro- Mughal symbolism and apparently was sought to be removed from the Uttar Pradesh tourism department’s booklet of tourist places and the situation got so much out of hand that minister Rita Bahunguna had to clarify that government does not approve of any such thinking and that Taj is still the integral part of tourism in the state .

Yogi government hardly wanted to close the matter as it set loose their Hindu radical henchman Sangeet Som infamous for his Muzaffarnagar polarisation which led him to be deprived of a minister post for which he ultimately did all the painful hard work leading even to a jail term and later pardoned. Sangeet Som has stirred a controversy to polarise on the ground of anti-Hindu history of Taj Mahal by stating it is a sign of traitors.


A tweet by True Indology which shows a fact of anti -Hindu termed Taj Mahal

“While Shahjahan built #TajMahal at the cost of 4 crores using Hindu taxes, he made sure his capital Shahjahanabad (Delhi) did NOT have even one Hindu temple. Did not spare ONE temple”  (Maybe Sangeet Som should have used this fact to support his statement)

Well lets see what Sangeet Som said that has caused so much controversy about Taj Mahal’s background of being a cultural symbol or an anti-Hindu symbol !



Sangeet Som, a disputable legislator of the decision BJP, has said the landmark was worked by “deceivers” and is a “smudge on Indian culture”.

“Many individuals were stressed that the Taj Mahal was expelled from the rundown of authentic places in the UP tourism booklet. What history would we say we are discussing? The man who constructed Taj Mahal detained his dad. He needed to slaughter Hindus. On the off chance that this is history, at that point it is extremely disastrous and we will change this history, I promise you”  Som said at a rally in Meerut on Sunday.



Hyderabad parliamentarian Asaduddin Owaisi of the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen party, responding to Mr Som’s remarks, stated: “Will (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) quit raising national banner from a landmark worked by double crossers (Red Fort)? I provoke them to state it to UNESCO that they should expel it from a rundown of world legacy locales.”

Jammu and Kashmir lawmaker Omar Abdullah jested in a tweet: “Not any more Red Fort talks on fifteenth August? ‘The PM will address the country from Nehru Stadium’ will fill a few hearts with audacious merriment.”


Sangeet Som is doing what he is capable of and If truly BJP is cultural they should sack him without any Ifs and buts that is what will help the government to give a befitting reply to the opposition otherwise things are sure to go out of hand.


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