The Great Arvind Kejriwal 9-Day Strike Comes To An End


Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal was sitting on the dharna last Monday and he was continuously tweeting information from the LG office that Delhi’s IAS officer is on strike for the past 4 months due to which the work is not being run properly. When this statement of Arvind Kejriwal came in the media, IAS Association had immediately responded that he was not on strike.


Regardless, its Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was sitting on the LG office continuously and he was saying that the IAS officers returned to work and ordered them to order LG Anil Baijal that the IAS officers should perform their duties and do not run away from their duty. After this, a press conference was conducted by the IAS Association which stated that Arvind Kejriwal, who is putting the allegations on IAS officers, is totally baseless.

Arvind Kejriwal, after finishing the protest, said through a tweet that he appealed to IAS officials that they return to work. Kejriwal further said in this context that he takes full responsibility for the security of the IAS officers and he will fully cooperate with their security. After tweeting Kejriwal, positive response from IAS Association on behalf of the IAS Association gave the reply of Arvind Kejriwal’s tweet saying that this path of dialogue would be better.



               This is how the modern “sofa dharna” takes places by “common” AAP ministers


With the end of Arvind Kejriwal’s demise, it is now being expected that soon meeting of Arvind Kejriwal and IAS officers will be meeting. Important decisions can be taken for the safety of the IAS officers. In the favour of this dharna for 9 days, Chief Ministers like Mamta Banerjee, Chief Minister HD Kumar Swamy, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu reached Delhi to join. However, these people were not allowed to meet Arvind Kejriwal.



The IAS officers of Delhi, who are at the core of an enormous remain off between the chose legislature of Arvind Kejriwal and the Lieutenant Governor, the Center’s illustrative, today held an exceptional public interview to affirm that they were being deceived in a political fight. The officers said deception was being spread in regards to them, despite the fact that they were “unopinionated” and “impartial” and were “liable just to the law and the constitution”.

Boss Minister Arvind Kejriwal has denounced the Center and the Lieutenant Governor of support what he called the “strike” by the IAS officers. His legislature says work has been languishing over the most recent four months since the officers won’t meet priests or go to their telephone calls.

Calling the claims “totally false and unmerited”, the officers said “We are not on strike. We are going to all gatherings, doing all our work”. They skip just the gatherings in which they felt their “security” and “dignity” were in danger, they said.

The officers denied AAP claims that they were toeing the line of the Center and the Lieutenant Governor. “We are not taking a shot at anybody’s command, it would be ideal if you convey this. Camera accounts can’t demonstrate our psychological anguish,” Ms Saxena included.



Definitely, the strike has ended but not the drama has not as CM Arvind Kejriwal might have set up a backing for the Lok Sabha elections after 4 other states Chief Ministers came to show their setup but their support in practice is not beneficial for AAP because they are not based in Delhi and AAP is not existing in their states . For the work part either the Delhi government file for full statehood in the court where they lost earlier due to the constitution article Article 239 AA or hold a meeting with the angry or rather upset IAS officers of the Delhi and get to work as the time is less for the state as well as Lok Sabha elections. The question is still prevalent yet undiscussed – When will Delhi get full statehood?



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