Trump calls US Intelligence Services ‘Naive,’ ‘Wrong’ on Iran

U.S. President Donald Trump listens to questions from reporters as he participates in a signing ceremony for the “Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act” in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, U.S., January 9, 2019. REUTERS/Leah Millis

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday attacked the US intelligence services as “naive” and “wrong” on the threat posed by Iran. In a recent tweet Trump wrote:
“Be careful of Iran. Perhaps Intelligence should go back to school!”

Such a testy response came after a US intelligence report stated that Iran was not making nuclear weapons. It also said that North Korea remained “unlikely to give up” its weapons stockpiles and production abilities.

However, according to Trump, Iran, was “making trouble all over the Middle East, and beyond” in 2016. But had been “much different” since the US pullout from the “terrible” Iran nuclear deal. He also warned that Tehran remained “a source of potential danger and conflict”, referring to reported recent Iranian rocket tests.

Trump plans a second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to negotiate. He hopes for denuclearization of the deeply isolated state.

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