Warrant Against Chief Catalonia Leader Carles Puigdemont

catalonia president

A Spanish judge issued a worldwide capture warrant for expelled Catalan President Carles Puigdemont on Friday, a day after eight kindred individuals from the disintegrated Catalan government were imprisoned in Spain.

Puigdemont, who views himself as the legitimate pioneer of Catalonia, is right now in Belgium. He has said he’s not escaping the Spanish court framework but rather is looking for European help for his locale’s autonomy offered.

Puigdemont tweeted Saturday that he and his partners are “readied to completely participate with Belgian equity following the European capture warrant issued by Spain.”

Spain was dived into its most noticeably awful political emergency in decades after Puigdemont’s organization held a freedom choice October 1 in spite of the country’s most noteworthy court restricting the move.

The Catalan parliament at that point announced one-sided freedom, and Madrid reacted by suspending the area’s self-sufficiency, sacking the legislature and forcing direct run the show.

Carmen Lamela, a judge in Spain’s National Court, requested that Belgium’s prosecutor’s office capture Puidgemont and four priests in the broke up Catalan government who overlooked a court request to show up under the steady gaze of a judge Thursday.


The charges incorporate subversion, disobedience, abuse of assets, manhandle of expert and disdain. The other four named in warrants are Toni Comin, Clara Ponsati, Lluis Puig and Meritxell Serret.

Belgian prosecutor Eric Van der Sypt said he has gotten the capture warrants for Puigdemont and the others.


An announcement from the Belgian government prosecutor’s office Saturday set out the following stages all the while, which could take weeks.

Once those named are found and brought under the steady gaze of the judge, he or she has 24 hours to settle on a choice on what to do next, the announcement said.

The judge can choose whether or not to issue a capture warrant, and, if a warrant is issued, can choose whether the individual concerned ought to be held or discharged under specific conditions.

In the event that the judge issues a capture warrant, at that point a court has 15 days to choose whether it is executed or not. The gatherings included would then be able to hold up an interest, to be chosen inside 15 days, and possibly a further interest to a higher court, likewise to be managed on inside 15 days.

The issuance of the warrant for Puigdemont’s capture was normal yet at the same time expands the pressure between Catalan pioneers and the Spanish national government, which so far has frustrated the area’s drive to freedom.

Puigdemont and 13 previous priests were requested to show up under the steady gaze of the Spanish high court Thursday. Of the nine previous authorities who appeared, eight were confined and one was liberated on security.

Puigdemont didn’t show up and issued a video message calling the court’s activity “an assault on majority rules system.”

He and some of his previous clergymen turned up in Brussels recently after Spain’s state prosecutor declared he would look for charges of defiance, rebellion and abuse of open assets against them.

The capture warrant issued Friday likewise said Puidgemont would not be permitted to affirm by means of video conference from Belgium.






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