Why Nobody Can Touch HD Kumaraswamy Before 2019 Lok Sabha Elections?


In the province of Karnataka, Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has put forth an imperative statement of expression about the rising inquiries regarding the fate of the Congress-Janata Dal-mainstream coalition government.

CM Kumaraswamy on the rancorous inquiry of being in the coalition said that nobody can touch them till the Lok Sabha decisions of 2019 and on the off chance that anybody has the mettle, at that point they indicated him thusly. He said that he will be the Chief Minister of the state for no less than a year. In any case, he guaranteed that the coalition government will keep on running on the mantra of manageability.

There is a considerable measure of work to do in this single year alone and he won’t sit discreetly. Amid this, each choice will be taken in light of a legitimate concern for the state. He said that amid this time much work will be done as such that later crafted by the State Government can be checked. Individuals won’t have to ask what others did.

Be learned that numerous Congress MLAs are irritated after not getting a place in the cabinet. Kumaraswamy had said in the past that this legislature has remained on the support of Congress and the presence of his own party is depended on it after which he had apologized for harming people’s sentiments and hurting their hearts by this statement.

To be sure, the administration does not appear to be in a bad position any longer till the Lok Sabha, as it keeps the imperative place as per the Lok Sabha where the Congress can break into the BJP’s stronghold by doing admirably.

               The only CM of India who is balancing the most unpredictable state government


  • Technically speaking there are quite reasons due to which Kumaraswamy is able to deliver such a strong statement. Firstly after the oath ceremony, it is a constitutional mentioning that the government has to function for at least 6 months so till Dec 2019 he is safe with his CM chair.
  • Secondly, If he is able to deliver well with Congress they all have a chance together due to which fighting against PM Modi led BJP will be easier so for image building a “forced unity” is utmost important even it means taking back support from each other and calling up for elections just after the LokSabha elections ! .
  • Thirdly, BJP doesn’t have the magic numbers to form the government and they would not try to form a government as their top leadership had already directed them to follow “democratic path” a thing which was not seen earlier in state elections like Goa. So they did not do horse trading at that time and will not do the same just at the time of election period popping out. If they try they might succeed but their image of being clean and democratic would get a low blow and if they try they might get failed just at the last time which shall showcase their desperation for power.

So Mr HD Kumarswamy, being the current CM of Karnataka shall be the CM of Karnataka according to his own strong statement which is based on reality plus facts. Bravo to him!


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