Yashwant Sinha’s Sarcastic Attack On Demonetisation: “I Did Wrong By Criticizing It”

Yashwant Sinha

Yashwant Sinha, the former Finance Minister of the country and veteran BJP leader, once again tweeted for attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. He has a deep tone on the Modi Government. He has said that he has done the wrong thing by criticizing demonetisation that is “notebandi”

He wrote in his tweet that “I was wrong to criticize the demonetisation… This step has stopped the stone-shaking incidents in Kashmir completely … and black money has been banned in Switzerland and outside the country.”

Yashwant Sinha is one of the strongest critics of the demonetisation. This time he tweeted in a sarcastic attack on the Modi government. Be known that before this Yashwant Sinha has attacked the central government several times.


Sinha’s most recent attack on the Modi government came after the yearly information by Swiss National Bank (SNB) uncovered that cash stopped by Indians in Swiss banks ascended more than 50 for each penny to CHF 1.01 billion (Rs 7,000 crore) in 2017.

Sinha had likewise affirmed that the NDA government is confounded that advancement can be accomplished through welfare plans.

Former Union Minister Yashwant Sinha, who is angry with BJP from a long time, resigned from the BJP’s membership this year and announced his retirement from politics. On April 21, Yashwant Sinha had announced in Patna that, “I end all my relations with BJP and today I take retirement from party politics.”

You must know that his son Jayant Sinha is the Minister of Civil Aviation in the cabinet of Modi Government and before that, he has been the minister of the former finance minister in the finance ministry of his father and unlike his father, in the support side of the government.

On which father Yashwant had talked about having his heart changes and involving them, then seeing that Jayant now goes with his father, Only because meeting with any other BJP leader seems to be far away.

Official Source: Yashwant Sinha Twitter Handle


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