It’s Yogi Vs Kerala : Healthcare Spat



“Kerala must figure out how to run healing facilities from Uttar Pradesh,” Yogi Adityanath said on Wednesday, 4 October. The UP CM made the remarks amid his visit to Kerala to really bolster for BJP’s ‘Jan Raksha Yatra’ to challenge the killings of RSS specialists in the state.


Yogi’s announcement comes as a reaction to the state’s administering CPI (M’s) tweet on 3 October, which read: – We welcome UP CM Yogi to visit Kerala Hospitals to figure out how to run Hospitals viably!


The CPM tweet was a reasonable burrow at the quantity of passing’s announced in UP government-run hospital’s facilities under the Yogi organization – 1,317 kids have kicked the bucket in amid 2017 at the state’s Baba Raghav Das Medical College in Gorakhpur up until now,


In a matter of seconds Responding to the tweet that Kerala ought to find out about medicinal services administrations from UP. He said that while more than 300 individuals had passed on of dengue in Kerala, barely any such cases were accounted for from UP. The state did not report any passings due to chikungunya, not at all like Kerala.


At last, Kerala CM P.Vijayan additionally gave a shot in this spat of healthcare by tweeting :


“Much appreciated @myogiadityanath for letting each Indian realize that KERALA’S IMR isn’t just obviously better than UP yet, in addition, many DEVELOPED nations”


This “health spat” between left and the right wing (CPM-BJP) is nothing new as we still can remember the incident of PM Modi criticising the Kerala state by comparing the infant mortality rate of Scheduled Tribe (ST) with those of the people of Somalia nation.


The only sad part for the public is that both these factions do spat in words rather than in work which is more needed and would be more appreciated !


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