Amazon go: Simplifying grocery shopping

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Introducing the New “Amazon Go”

Advancement of Technology has made our daily life much easier and effective. Be it Paytm – the digital wallet or ola – cab hailing app or even big basket – delivering groceries at your doorstep. In a similar fashion, one of the largest company in the global village is trying to make its impact in the grocery retailing with the name of “Amazon go“.

Ever thought of going inside a store, pick up your stuffs and check out without waiting in a queue? Yes, might be the answer but we all know that checking out from store requires patience. Patience for turning up to the cashier, pay and walk out.

But, amazon with its brilliant minds and technological advancement have made this possible which requires no cashier gate and you can pick and move out without any hassle. Isn’t that great?

Introducing Amazon go

Amazon go is a grocery store operated by the online retailer Amazon with only one store location till now at Seattle, Wahington which is made open to public on January 22, 2018. The store has instant foods, meal kits and liquor on the shelves and available for purchase.

Partially automated stores enhances the customers to have an experience like never before. There are no checkout stations and no cashier counter. One can pick items of choice and walk out. Simple, isn’t it?

Amazon go store
Amazon go Seattle Store


How to get in the store?

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Amazon go application

Thanks to automation and hi-tech parity, otherwise the consumption could be called a “loot”. To get into the store, one need to download and install the amazon go app. It is available on Google play store, Apple appstore and amazon appstore. Swipe your phone on the gates and get in.

check in gates
Amazon go store check in

Now, you put your phone away and browse through the aisles to check for the stuffs you require.

Amazon go : The concept

Blending technology with grocery shopping to provide an out of the box solution to “touch and feel” experience to the customers. The major players behind the automated stores are the computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning algorithms that provides the unique experience of moving out of the store without waiting in checkout station.

The store provides more convenience to the customers even better than online. One need not do the clicking and scrolling, remove ad banners or remember password.

As soon as you pick an item, the computer vision and sensors track the item as well as you and add the item to your virtual cart. But, what if you replace the item back? Well, No worries actually. The sensors track replacements too and remove the item from your cart. 10 minutes after the visitor leaves the store, he/she will receive a digital receipt on the app signifying the items purchased. Now, you can also link your card with the app and your payment is just-a-click-away.

The advancement and growing network

Seattle customers are very happy till now with the new concept but is it viable for amazon to expand its business in India? Well, we already have big basket and grofers. It is much more convenient for us to use an app to order for our daily groceries than to visit a “brick and mortar” shop.

Big basket and grofers swayed a huge chunk of customers from Reliance fresh, Big bazaar, Aditya Birla Group More with their online ordering features and home delivery options. But at the end of the day, customers desire for touch and feel and we crave for something new and innovative.

It is not conclusive if amazon go will thrive in the Indian market or not but the concept will surely be embraced by the Indian customers as we always look out for a change. But will this change prevail? It is a big question as the collections of amazon go store are limited and the tastes of consumers are changing day by day desiring for more.


Amazon go: Simplifying grocery shopping
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Amazon go: Simplifying grocery shopping
A new concept in grocery shopping with revolutionary use of technology is leading us to a more comfortable lifestyle and easing out grocery shopping offline. No cashier, No check out stations and pick as you like, Amazon go has come up with a great blend. But how is it done and how much is it viable?
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