Artificial intelligence taking mankind or not


It has not been long that the technology has made a significant impact in our daily lives. Ever since then, we are living into an automated world. Moreover, we are optimistic about the artificial intelligence. AI makes our lives easier and convenient. But, is that so? Over the years, the technology has boomed and led to many recent developments. A decade has gone where Apple introduced an assistant in their smartphones. Later, Google followed the trend. But, it does not have limited applications. Now, artificial intelligence is present in many electronic devices. Some of which are home devices, watches, virtual world algorithms, and many more. They really do affect us greatly but is artificial intelligence taking over mankind?

Artificial intelligence taking mankind or not
Artificial intelligence shakes hand with mankind but are the intentions good?

Well, it is a debatable issue. And none has an answer to that. But, the long lived debate about whether science is a boon or bane has come up real. Here, more points are on the balance side of the cons than the pros. This reminds us of the great debate that swooned over the internet few months back. It is indeed the debate between the greatest minds of the 21st century. SpaceX founder Elon Musk and Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg locked horns on the topic.

The remarkable debate on artificial intelligence taking over mankind

Back in 2017, Elon Musk rang the bell to alarm the human species on the impact of artificial intelligence. Some called it ruse as Musk was currently troubled by the wide usage of AI and he was not into it. While stating that he had long worries about the apocalyptic future, his native car manufacturing company Tesla will have artificial intelligence. So, “is artificial intelligence taking over mankind” poses a question. However, Musk later confronted that his worries is about the robots. But that doesn’t seem to change the center of debate. After all, robots are the result of AI powered electro-mechanical system.

Artificial intelligence taking mankind or not
Science – A boon or a bane

On the other hand, Mark Zuckergberg came all the way to support AI. He countered Musk with a post stating that the fear of doomsday is utterly negative and unnecessary. The great debate took off on the twitter where the brilliant minds were seen scooping on each other. But, it is also a question of debate that why a visionary like Elon Musk is on the opposite side of the technological advances in AI. Musk had various ventures into his mind like self-driving cars, colonizing Mars, and hyperloop. Now, whether the robots are really a problem to mankind or not, can be traced with world’s first robot citizen Sophia.

Sophia- the answer?

Sophia is the first robot to receive an acknowledgement of Citizenship. And Hanson Robotics created it. And whenever the reporters asked her how she plans to contribute to the society, she would come up with the answer.

“Either creativity will rain on us, inventing machines spiraling into transcendental super intelligence or the civilization collapses.”

Artificial intelligence taking mankind or not
Sophia – the first robot citizen wants to have a career and a baby

It sounds more ominous when she says that she might destroy humans, but it is not what she intends to do. In a statement, she revealed to the Khaleej Times that her wish is to start a career and have a daughter. Now, isn’t that remarkable? Robot is thinking like a human. Sophia can perform any task efficiently. Be it logical or emotional, she knows how to take care of the issues at hand. But, there is no evidence or guarantee that it cannot change its mind.

Also, Stephen Hawking, the greatest astrophysicist that the tech world will remember, warned that AI could replace human altogether. According to Stephen Hawking, a rapid development of artificial intelligence could pose a threat to humanity. He also added that the robots are likely to bear a code similar to computer viruses and malware. This might catalyst the tendency of Robots to perform efficiently in an inefficient world. And eventually, it can lead to swiping off humanity.

Artificial intelligence taking mankind or not
Stephen Hawkings warns for the fate of humanity

Is there any solution?

There are no such critical incidents till now. No one still complained about artificial intelligence taking over mankind. But, there is certainly a dark side. Robots and AI can replace human in workplace. And it is quite evident in the world of automation. The robots have replaced the workforce and estimates suggest that the statistics will reach to 800 million by 2030. On the flip side, there are some amazing gadgets that can help human in every aspect of life. The smart glasses powered by Alexa can help human to work efficiently without even taking out time to look out on their smartphones.

So, there is practically no solution as of now. But, what any technology suggests is upgrading self. Acquiring newer and better skills in managing those robots can help the human race to sustain. Isn’t that so? The question still remains if artificial intelligence taking mankind presently or it is bound to for future.


Artificial intelligence taking mankind or not
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Artificial intelligence taking mankind or not
The biggest question of this technologically advanced age is whether artificial intelligence taking mankind over or not. Do we still have the answer?
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