Know how digital literacy by Facebook helps enjoying digital technology


The world is in the age of digital technology. And this will grow in the coming years. However, the use of digital media by the every person is growing abruptly. Digital media is unlimited. But the usage must have some restrictions. And digital literacy is the only way out.

Know how digital literacy by Facebook helps enjoying digital technology
Digital Literacy print

Facebook in its blog announced to launch a Digital literacy library on August 2, 2018. Antigone Davis. global head of Safety and Karuna Nain, global safety programs Manager co-authored the blog. In addition to the post, Facebook is trying to make its users aware of the digital media. The major objective is to educate the users and help them learn. This surely will help everyone to enjoy the digital technology and enhance the digital environment.

The digital literacy library is a collection of lessons to help young people think critically and share thoughtfully. The post came into effect just after Facebook introduced the Time management tool.

The library is indeed a resource to the educators. And will help the young people build the skills to enjoy the digital environment safely.

Know how digital literacy by Facebook helps enjoying digital technology
Global internet usage 2010, courtesy – wikipedia

According to ICT facts and figures 2017, 70% of the youth are online. Moreover, this accounts to 830 million. Out of these 830 million 39% users are from China and India. Also 94% users of developed countries, 67% of developing countries like India and 30% of Least developed countries are within the age bracket of 15-24.

The users of this age are more prone to cyber attacks. Verge reports suggest that average age of cyber crime suspects has dropped to 17. The report is also backed by National Crime Agency.

What is digital literacy?

So digital literacy is a set of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that empower learners to engage with digital content, tools, and processes. Digital literacy usually include data, information, media, and invention literacy, which are comprised of key values built on core competencies. These competencies empower learners to become engaged global citizens in a digital world.

The process is continuous and flows thoroughly. But the processes are not water-tight compartments. The literacy also have some components. Hence, components are:

  1. Find, evaluate & apply information.
  2. Use digital tools – softwares/ hardwares.
  3. Understand social responsibility.
  4. Showcase achievement.
  5. Awareness & management of digital identity.
  6. Collaborate – education, community and work life.
  7. Be safe in a digital environment.
Know how digital literacy by Facebook helps enjoying digital technology
Components of Digital literacy

Digital literacy library by Facebook

The ready-to-use lessons in the Library are drawn from the Youth and Media team at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. Moreover, it is freely available worldwide under a Creative Commons license.

The lessons are most probably developed for the educators of youth ages 11 to 18. The lessons also have learning of 10 years over diverse socio-economic backgrounds, ethnicities, geographies and educational level.

The idea is indeed very appreciating. The educators can now integrate the lessons. It will help them to understand the lessons well and the time required for each lessons.

Know how digital literacy by Facebook helps enjoying digital technology
Digital literacy- the need of the hour

There are 18 lessons that cover topics like privacy and reputation, security, well-being, etc. These are available for free download on Facebook’s safety Center.

Impact on data driven businesses

Most probably many start-ups use the user’s data to feed advertisements. These advertisements are either through social media websites or even electronic media. This is still a great strategy for all the online businesses. A study by Blue corona reports that in addition to large scale businesses, many small businesses drive the economy. Some of the points are listed below:

  1. 15% of sales for B2C products are online.
  2. Most small businesses focus on increasing revenue (72%), but they also see a great value in establishing new customer relationships (60%), and marketing and advertising (46%).
  3. Furthermore, driving sales (51.3%) and building brand awareness (48.4%) are the two top digital marketing priorities for small businesses.

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So a good grasp on digital interaction will empower the users. It will help the users to gain much knowledge on the working of cyber business. Specifically the teenagers. Thus making them less prone to cyber attacks. In fact, the user data will get full security and they can enjoy the digital environment without any worries.



Know how digital literacy by Facebook helps enjoying digital technology
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Know how digital literacy by Facebook helps enjoying digital technology
Digital technology advanced in years but to use it safely and securely, knowledge is important. This is the idea behind digital literacy library by facebook
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