Facebook Chat App- Messenger gets a whole new look


Facebook is known for its tremendous innovation in the past. Still, they continue to startle the internet users with some great additions to their bag. Be it either adding new features to the existing apps or creating a whole new platform. And this time, they have done it with the Facebook chat app, the new messenger. It is not new to the world. Yet the latest upgrade will bring a whole new version of the previous versions of the messenger.

Facebook Chat App- Messenger gets a whole new look
The older version of Facebook chat app

Facebook launched the newest version on October 24, 2018. And it is quite commendable to remind that it is not the first time. The Facebook chat app has been constantly improving for past few years. With the recent developments, it has made an impact on the global economy as well. Apart from the well known Facebook and its subsidiaries like Whatsapp and Instagram, messenger has also gained a reputable population on its platform.

Facebook Chat App- Messenger gets a whole new look
Messenger’s growth from 2014 to 2017

Back in 2017, a Business Insider article reported that messenger can become the new age Yellow Pages. And that’s not only because of the 1.3 billion users on the platform. But, the major factor behind such remark is the “Discover” tab. The discover tab makes it easier for the people to connect with businesses. Most businesses have been using it on a commercial scale. However, the common users did not derive any use from it initially. But, the monthly active user growth has reached to a significant number of 1.2 billion in 2017 from 200 billion in 2014.

This solidified the stand of Messenger to become the new yellow pages of the modern history. But, it still required some changes and enhancements.

What’s new with the Facebook chat app?

The reincarnation of the Facebook chat app is heavily dependent on the simplicity. In a study, 71% of the respondents said that simplicity is the top priority for them. About 60% people claim that messaging makes them close to their friends and family. So, the population is truly driven by an ergonomic messaging app that caters to the integral needs of societal bond. Moreover, the interface has been enhanced to suit the taste of the users. So, join your hands and say hello to messenger 4.

The features that messenger 4 will entail are as follows:

  • Messenger 4 has a simple interface. The Facebook chat app will have three tabs instead of nine. There will be a chat tab, people tab and discover tab. The chats tab will look after the peer to peer or peer to group communication. While the people tab helps the user to connect to friends and see their stories, the discover tab will encourage the users to connect with the online businesses and chat bots.
  • Messenger 4 is much more powerful. It is customized which ultimately empowers the users. Furthermore, you can now personalize your chat with delightful updates. You can use multiple colors and express yourselves with several nicknames and emojis. The color gradients are also interchangeable catering to the mood or topic of conversation.
  • While the newer version of Facebook chat app is different from the older versions, Facebook has tried to keep the familiarity without changing the icons and interface to a great extent. However, Facebook has added some more features to it. These features are indeed great. You can now poll, split bills for your last night’s dinner, challenge them to a game or share your live location.
Facebook Chat App- Messenger gets a whole new look
The whole new messenger 4

How did Facebook come up with the changes?

Well, it is an interesting question for itself. However, one should not forget that Facebook has been able to roll some tremendous tools and apps. Some of the works include the launch of a dating website and posting 3D photos in the news feed.

As the story goes, the recent development in the Facebook chat app is the contribution by a 23-year-old, Christian Dalonzo. He started to work as a summer intern at Facebook with the messenger team. He proposed some great changes and development which led to the direct recruitment of the genius into the organization. The article by wired.com reveals how the app got its new looks in a basement.

Facebook Chat App- Messenger gets a whole new look
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Facebook Chat App- Messenger gets a whole new look
Facebook has come up with the whole new version of messenger, the Facebook chat app which is set to roll and throb the hearts of the users staright away.
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