India’s first “made in India”engineless train set to roll


The tragic incident on the eve of Dusshera has left the whole country devastated. It has also hurt the reputation of the Indian railways in many ways. However, there is something delightful. And this is about the engineless train.

India's first "made in India"engineless train set to roll
Train-18, the engineless train set to roll out within weeks

According to a report by YourStory, the made in India semi-high speed train is self propelled. Indians have been dreaming about the concept train since the announcement of bullet train back in 2017. Indian designed the conceptualized train. Furthermore, it looks more like bullet train. The train set does not need any locomotive. Hence, it is called the self propelled engineless train.

The Train-18

The train set is named Train-18. And the Indian coach factory is optimistic about the release in a few weeks for a trial. The second rake is under progress. Therefore, ICF estimates to roll out the second rake in March. It is built for quick intraday travel. The Train-18 is likely to follow the Shatabdi Express routes. The latest rake will dig its track on Chennai-Bengaluru, Delhi-Bhopal, and Mumbai-Ahmedabad routes. The train is one of the ambitious Make In India projects and estimates at 100 crores. The next month will experience a trial run of the engineless train on the Moradabad-Bareilly stretch.

The development finds a stable ground in past few years. A time when bullet train looked like a distant dream is now pretty near with the rakes being made in India. Back in August 2018, financial express reported the release of $1 billion during visit of Shinzo Abe. But, the project is still under a provision. Meanwhile, the engineless train can make an impact on the expectation of the population of India after Tejas express.

Features of Train-18, the engineless train

The state-of-the-art infrastructure entails a plethora of features. However, Sudhanshu Mani, general manager of ICF states that transferring the technology from a foreign country would have increased the cost. He also added that the private companies in India would have taken 36 months to manufacture a similar product. Train-18 provides much more features.

India's first "made in India"engineless train set to roll
The interiors of the Train-18
  • The rake is competent enough to reduce the travel time by 10-15%. The maximum speed at which the engine-less train can operate is 220kmph. However, during its trial run, it will operate at 160kmph. It reduces the travel time by 10-15%.
  • The train has better acceleration as compared to the conventional trains. The train will bear 50% more power. The smart braking system, imported from Hungary consists of regenerative and electro-pneumatic brakes.
  • Train-18 comes with 16 AC coaches with 2 executive coaches in the middle. The executive chairs are rotatable full 360 Each coach has 6 CCTVs to monitor passengers.
  • The toilets will use bio-toilet models and each coach consists of two disable-friendly toilets. There will also be a space for baby care.
  • The modern day amenities of the train will also entail free Wi-Fi connectivity and infotainment facilities. The engineless train has rubber-on-rubber flooring, air conditioning, and energy efficient LED lighting to reduce cost.

ICF hopes to bring more rakes in the forthcoming years and achieve economies of scale.

Indian Railways become more ergonomic

Well, there is no doubt that Indian railways have taken many initiatives to make an impact on the common people’s lives. One of them was to build the IRCTC website more user-friendly with the interface. IRCTC also joined hands with Paytm to book tickets. Later on, they have also introduced the train update through Whatsapp. All these initiatives have really helped the Indian railways to modernize.

India's first "made in India"engineless train set to roll
IRCTC collabs with digital space

Railways is a major commute in India that connects every part and hopefully the recent initiatives and developments will truly help the country to move forward on the wheels.

India's first "made in India"engineless train set to roll
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India's first "made in India"engineless train set to roll
India's most ambitious engineless train is all set to roll out next month for a trial run. The train is exxpected to provide great facilities to Indians
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