All you need to know about Facebook Portal and Portal+

Facebook Portal and Portal+ - the new approach to video calling

There has been a buzz about Facebook’s new development. We all have been using Facebook every now and then. Facebook truly helps you to connect and interact with your friends, colleagues, and family on a virtual space. Isn’t it? Indeed it is. However, Facebook has undergone various problems in past few years. But, that did not stop them from developing new apps. And this time they are introducing video calling devices. These are Facebook Portal and Portal+.

All you need to know about Facebook Portal and Portal+
Facebook Portal and Portal+ – the new approach to video calling

Facebook Portal and Portal+ are the video calling devices that will change the course of interacting. You can connect to your friends and family through your mobile devices, even when they are miles apart. It is a communication device that makes the video calling experience much reliable and effective. The constant urge of developing has helped Facebook reach the zenith of video calling. The device has an incorporated AI technology that makes video calling more like hanging out. The platform is quite similar to the Google duo. In addition to all the basic features of a video calling app, Facebook Portal and Portal+ have greater features. These features will surely make you fall in love with the device. But, unlike Google Duo which is a mobile app, Facebook is introducing real-time devices.

All you need to know about Facebook Portal and Portal+
Google Duo – high quality video calling app

The features of Facebook Portal and Portal+

The interface is quite ergonomic. There are several features that are able to give Facebook an edge over other video calling devices or even apps.

  • The device has a 10-inch display. A resolution of 1280×800 imparts an improved quality of video. This helps you to feel more connected with the other person. The clear image and sound gives a life-like experience. Now, you can interact with your near ones as if they are right in front of you.
  • The device houses a smart camera and smart sound technology. The sound technology is paired with Amazon Alexa. You need not hold on to the device anymore while talking. The smart camera pans and zooms to keep everyone in view. Moreover, the smart sound reduces the background noise.
All you need to know about Facebook Portal and Portal+
Facebook incorporates Alexa to its AI technology
  • It directly connects with your contacts. Facebook Portal and Portal+ automatically reach to your Facebook contacts once you log in. So, there is no extra labor to sync your contacts. The device will directly reach to the people and call them on messenger. Hence, not having a portal device does not obstruct your video calling.
  • As the device is powered by Alexa, you can also ask for news, sports scores, control smart home devices, and order groceries. Therefore, you also have a companion with you to ease out your daily chores.
  • Facebook has kept in mind about the various issues it faced earlier. The issues regarding security and safety. They have kept in mind the importance of privacy. You are free to disable camera or microphone whenever you want. And also delete your voice history.
  • You need to say “Hey Portal” to enable the device. And it will impart an immersive experience thereon.

Price and Shipping

The Facebook Portal and Portal+ will begin shipping from November for the US market. Later on, they are managing to ship the product overseas. Currently, the price of Facebook Portal is $199 USD and that of Portal+ is $349 USD. But, it will be a feast on value for money with all the features.

Facebook’s recent developments

Past years had been a disaster for Facebook. But, they have gone past it. And every time they are planning to build something new. There were many projects in the pipeline. Now, they have started to take these projects towards reality. Facebook have made some major changes in their approach. They were accused of selling personal data to Cambridge Analytica to impact America elections. But soon, they came forward to bring changes. The changes were particularly based on the safety and security of personal data of users.

All you need to know about Facebook Portal and Portal+
A seamless and hands-free immersive experience

Later on, they removed the trending section from the news feed. There were many reasons as to why Facebook took this step. However, the digital scientists and experts believed that the allegations revolving around the fake news have led to the step. From then on, Facebook has been trying to improve its image.

They have introduced the time management tools to help the users keep a track of their time. The users can enable the feature and Facebook will start clocking the time and activities of the users. Users can set a time limit and the app will notify the users as they reach the limit.

All you need to know about Facebook Portal and Portal+
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All you need to know about Facebook Portal and Portal+
Facebook is introducing Facebook Portal and Portal+ that will change the approach of video calling with smart camera, smart sound, and AI technology.
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