Was Mars A War Ground , Susceptible Raises Question


Mars has always been the most trending planets not only because life is next predicted to be there but because almost daily new conspiracy theories, research studies come which claim certainly remarkable things about the planet Mars and this time a new theory ranging to Mars being a former war ground has stirred the space community and the reason is a susceptible object seen as UFO !

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Here is the full story : – 

  • The Martian territory has dependably been the focal point of consideration for UFO seekers for conceivable outsider sightings.
  • Those associated with outsider chasing or UFO chasing have on many events, approach enough to give proof to advocate extraterrestrial nearness.
  • Since researchers are checking the planet’s surface intensely with the assistance of wanderers, which will help them in profound space investigation missions, the pictures sent in by NASA’s meanderers are completely examined by these UFO seekers, who claim to have uncovered a few confirmations of outsider nearness on the Red Planet in various frequencies.
  • Presently, the sharp eye of UFO seekers has detected another ‘unquestionable’ confirmation of a potential war that may have occurred on Mars setting off an undeniable verbal confrontation on the presence of life on the Red Planet.
  • A video has surfaced demonstrating what looks uncannily like a cannonball on the surface of the Red Planet, which has been seized as confirmation of life.
  • The clasp was posted on YouTube, where stargazers have been thinking about what it could be.
  • The ball has all the earmarks of being encompassed by ‘the sections of a once civilization’, Scott C Waring, an originator of UFO Sightings Daily, composed on his site.
  • He estimated that this ‘civilization’ could have been wiped out by weapons shot down from space.
  • He expressed: “I do trust these balls and a large number of others were purposely shot at Mars from space at the same time to wreck their air, consume it with extreme heat.
  • “What I mean is a sufficiently substantial man-influenced meteor to shower could strip Mars of its climate and hence, decimate all or most life on the planet surface.”



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