Meet CIMON – World’s First AI Robot For Astronauts


Astronauts will now get their new friend but it is a robot, not a human! it is -CIMON.

A sci-fi roused robot hardwired to help space travellers will dispatch from Florida early Friday morning to end up the principal individual, man-made brainpower controlled buddy in space.

The Crew Interactive Mobile Companion, or CIMON, is an English-talking droid generally the extent of a ball that will help German space explorer Alexander Gerst direct tests on the International Space Station.

“What we’re attempting to do with CIMON is to build the effectiveness of the space traveller,” Matthias Biniok, a specialist for chip creator IBM and one of the lead draftsmen behind CIMON’s man-made reasoning, told Reuters.

CIMON will verbally impart well-ordered guidelines to Gerst amid three arranged science probes the space station’s European module. At present, space explorers read these guidelines from a workstation, which Biniok says is a strenuous procedure that a responsive, without hands partner like CIMON, can supplant.

“At the present time our fundamental mission is to help the space explorers with their day by day assignments to spare time since time is the most important and most costly thing on the ISS,” Biniok said.


The German Aerospace Center gets ready for CIMON to experience three one-hour sessions to show how well the robot can help with tests, similar to a gem development ponder, a test for its eight onboard cameras and an activity to enable Gerst to explain a Rubik’s solid shape.

CIMON will profit to Earth for Dec. 13.

Biniok said the idea of CIMON was roused by a 1940s sci-fi comic arrangement set in space, where a conscious, mind formed robot named Professor Simon coaches a space explorer named Captain Future.

Philipp Schulien, a German architect for CIMON’s equipment temporary worker, Airbus, said expanding space travellers’ capacities in space is basic for future space investigation ventures, similar to the maintained missions to Mars that are planned to take off as ahead of schedule as 2020.

“There are sure impacts that may show up amid long-haul missions like the supposed mindless obedience impact,” Schulien stated, referring to a conduct wonder in which people that invest protracted times of energy in segregation are headed to settle on silly choices. “Since quite a while ago, disconnected gatherings tend to quit speaking with the ground,” he said.

A robot like CIMON with human-like identities could help moderate the confusion space explorers may feel in space, Schulien said.

CIMON is among 5,900 pounds of freight propelling to the International Space Station on Friday, on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

Source: NDTV


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