Microsoft is now selling Amazon’s Echo devices


Following its partnership with Amazon to integrate their two Artificial Intelligence (AI)- powered assistants Alexa with Cortana,Microsoft has now started selling Amazon’s echo devices in its retail stores.

Amazon’s Echo Dot and Echo devices are available online and is Microsoft Stores in the US, as reported by The Verge.

Both the devices are available online and in Microsoft Stores in the US.

Microsoft has been increasingly focusing on its Amazon partnership and Alexa integration,all while Cortana has fallen behind its main rivals this year.The Xbox One now supports Alexa,and Amazon has even launched its own Alexa windows 10 app to bring to the digital assistant to all PCs.

Cortana now seems to be in a strange spot at Microsoft ,with software maker increasingly pushing it towards more business -focused area like chat bots rather than its original consumer focused launch.

Cortana originally launched on Windows Phone more than four years ago before it found a fresh home as part of the core search functionality in Windows 10.Microsoft has now been experimenting with further distancing Cortana from the Windows 10 search experience, and the 19H1 update due early next year will include some changes .

Microsoft introduced Cortana on Windows Phone four years ago.In Windows 10,it became the core search functionality.

Microsoft and Amazon had announced to integrate their virtual assistants last year.

The Echo Dot and Echo Plus

The tech giants performed the first such integration between the two intelligent assistants at the “Build 2018” developers conference in May this year.

Megan Saunders,Microsoft Cortana General Manager , and Tom Taylor,Amazon Alexa Senior vice President,showcased how Alexa and Cortana would work together in near future.

“For all of you developers out there building skills,Cortana and Alexa will enable access to more people across more devices.And we can’t wait to see what you build,” said Saunders.

While Alexa accepted personal request,Cortana helped with business needs.



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