By Next Year The Fastest Supercomputer Will Be Here 2018


Time to bid farewell to PARAM-III, the current fastest supercomputer in India because a new one is on its way to help Modi government’s agenda of Digital India, remember this fella that this will really be a masterstroke if executed well and even though it is slowly circulating but once the launch and aftermath success government will start the promotions and it will shape as the IT leader in the next decade and will project Narendra Damodardas Modi as the new technocrat not only in India, not only in Asia but in the whole globe . So here is the first breaking of this small yet smashing technology news!


The speediest supercomputer in the nation will be introduced in the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), Pune, by January 2018.

The PC will be five to six times speedier than the current quickest supercomputer, which is introduced at the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru.


  • The supercomputer is relied upon to help in accelerating numerous logical research extends in meteorology, IITM Director Ravi Nanjundiah told correspondents on the sidelines of the 56th Foundation Day festivities of the establishment.
  • The supercomputer will likewise help increment the speed and precision of storm gauges, said Nanjundiah.
  • Prior, amid his appreciated address, the chief said the procedure of establishment of the supercomputer was right now in progress and it was relied upon to be operational inside the following couple of months.
  • The consolidated preparing pace of the PC will be about 6.8 petaflops, making it the speediest in the nation.




Now it should be made sure that no corruption on ministerial that is executive, bureaucratic or even at the institutional level shall occur otherwise we cannot expect any benefit or development work by this annouced and ambitious supercomputer coming. So let’s keep the finger crossed and expect this piece of excellence to excel in serving and welfare of the nation.


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