Hyderabad to become the First Indian City to Deploy a Police Robot

_hyderabad police robot

An indigenous invention carried out by a Hyderabad based Robotic Technology Company, H-BOTS, has taken Artificial Intelligence a step further.The Company has developed a ‘Robot Cop’ that will assist Police Officers take complaints, detect bombs and identify suspects. A Robot on Wheels, it can record video, audio and capture images. It will be provided with information on the Indian Penal Code and traffic regulations. Moreover, the Robot has been programmed to automatically look for data on Google and Wikipedia. ‘H-BOTS Robotics’ founder Kisshhan PSV and his team has developed the ‘Police Robot’.

Furthermore, the Beta Version of the Robot has been launched for ‘ground testing’, spanning six months. Once the test is successfully carried out, the robot will be used for commercial deployment from July, 2018.

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“This smart ‘Robot Cop’ with its autonomous physical presence interacts with its surrounding environment gathering data in real-time and detects irregularities. It operates at a fraction of the cost normally paid for technology, cameras, sensors and guard services.”
“It is a security robot specifically equipped to protect and secure public and private areas such as signal posts, malls, airports, offices, buildings with public places.” Source


The makers claim that this is the second Humanoid Police Robot in the world. Developed in France, the first ‘Police Robot’ is operational in Dubai.

Police Robot



“We are building capacity to produce 10 such Private Police Robots a year which can serve as private security guards and can be deployed in hotels, hospitals and offices,” Kisshhan said.

A team of 16 members have worked for over a period of six months to develop the ‘Police Robot.’. It has been developed in a Hyderabad Lab, ‘Makers Leeway’. The Company aims to provide these Robots at a price of Rs 5 lakh. It has already received a total of 38 orders from India and abroad.

Furthermore, the company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Amigo Group, Thailand, which will provide the $1 million for further research and development in the area.


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