RADA – Vistara brings AI powered Robot to Delhi Airport


A great collectibles for the Indian aviation industry is most probably the new addition to technology. The technology of artificially intelligent Robots. Or the AI powered Robot called RADA. Yes, Vistara has indeed brought a revolution in the industry. It is called the radically innovative change.

Vistara Launches AI powered RADA
Vistara Airlines – A TATA-SIA joint venture

Singapore Airlines joined hands with TATA sons to result in Vistara in 2013. But there was severe competition. Maybe this drives Vistara to launch its AI powered RADA. India is still a developing country and one may wonder why. But certainly there are string of developments adding one pearl at a time. Take for instance, the 27000 crore INR development projects in Jharkhand. Or the recent inauguration of Eastern Peripheral highway which harness renewable energy, help reducing pollution, reaching farther distance in short time and many other perks.

Vistara CEO – Leslie Thng

Furthermore the advancement in technology has enabled to ease out the lives of each individual. There are many appliances available in the marketplace. Some of them are internet based. And some of them are code generated. The apps on smartphones have been developing incredibly. And Indians are accepting them with a big hug. The same thought has prevailed in Vistara CEO Leslie Thng. He is as much as optimistic towards new tech as we all Indians are.

AI powered devices are the new big thing in this global village. Internet of things have managed to cope various items on a single platter. Big techies at Google, Apple and Amazon are trying to innovate new benchmarks for the followers. Not only the smarts speakers are AI powered but the shelf cart groceries have also been engaged. For instance, the AMAZON GO – a whole new concept of grocery shopping with AI and the google duplex to set an appointment.

The AI powered RADA

  • Vistara on Tuesday said it has created RADA that can assist the customers, address queries and entertain them as well.
    Vistara Announces RADA


  • RADA will operate in Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. It is the initial stage operation. It will serve from July 5. And will assist the customers using lounge before they board their flights.
  • The aim of the technology is to provide a seamless experience and ‘intuitively thoughtful’ customer service.
  • In addition to the above features, RADA will equip itself based on customer feedback. Also, the tech team will enhance and modify features to help customers better experiences.
  • Moreover, RADA can interact with adults as well as children. This helps it to chose the mode of entertainment for the customers.

But will it really be able to deliver?

Building AI powered RADA

Vistara launches AI powered RADA
AI powered RADA

RADA is conceived, designed and engineered at TATA innovation labs. Tech experts and students from reputed institutions of India has put on the hard work to build it. The ‘made in India’ Robot serves critical operations like scanning of boarding passes. Apart from that, it is built on four wheel chassis. It indeed enables the robot for 360 degree rotation. It has 3 in-built cameras for cognitive interaction. Moreover, the Robot has LED light panels on the box face. These lights represent the eyes and mouth to give it a more aesthetic value. Most importantly, the Robot will gradually take over on the routine tasks. Thus, reducing the mundane tasks at hand. This will most probably reduce the workforce engagement. And it makes the process cost effective.

But every coin has two faces. Even technology has its. The merits and demerits of an installed technology at hand is really difficult to manage. Certainly RADA can help in reducing mundane tasks but automation leads to joblessness. The AI powered bot can even control the lifestyle. So how are we going to respond to that? It is indeed a big question.



RADA - Vistara brings AI powered Robot to Delhi Airport
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RADA - Vistara brings AI powered Robot to Delhi Airport
AI has taken over the world in recent times. And now it has entered the aviation industry in India. Vistara launches industry's first AI powered Robot - RADA on July 5 at New-Delhi.
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