Toyota Launches New Mobility Ecosystem: Self driving Modular Store On Wheels


Las Vegas,January 8,2018 – Toyota Motor Corporation President Akio Toyoda announced a new mobility service business alliance and e-Palette Concept Vehicle designed to meet the demands of future multi-mode transportation and business applications.

The automobile industry is clearly amidst its most dramatic period of change as technologies like electrification,connected and automated driving are making significant progress.Toyota remains committed to making even better cars.

The announcement marks a major step forward in our evolution towards sustainable mobility,demonstrating our continued expansion beyond traditional cars and trucks to the creation of new values including services for customers.

e-Palette Concept Vehicle:An Automated ,Electric Vehicle Purpose Built for MaaS

With the e-Palette Concept,Toyota has built a new approach Autono-MaaS mobility that will empower Alliance partners to support their customer’s lifestyles with increased convenience,productivity and efficiency.

  • With its open interior design layout,the vehicle can be outfitted with purpose-built interiors in accordance with the user’s needs,whether it be parcel delivery,ride sharing,or on-the-road e-commerce.


  • Its flexible framework is also designed for usage optimization ,allowing the e-Palette Concept to be shared to support various business needs and transition seamlessly from from one application to another.


  • Toyota envisions that the e-Palette Concept will be made available in three sizes,allowing not just need-specific applications,but also right sized and right-place mobile solutions.


The e-Palette Alliance: A New Ecosystem for Mobility-Powered Business

As an emerging provider of mobility hardware and services to business,Toyota is focused on creating new and attractive features for partners that help them to expand their value chain and improve customer’s lives.

Toyota continues to discuss the creation of new mobility services with other service provides and technology development companies.Toyota plans to conduct feasibility testing of the e-Palette Concept in various regions , including the United States,in the early 2020s.

Main Features

  • Extensive interior space with a low floor/cube shape design: there are three sizes of e-Palette concept ,with different lengths.Thanks to a flat extensive barrier free interior space layout designed with a low floor,equipment can be installed in accordance with the user’s needs,such as ride sharing specifications ,hotel room specifications and retail shopping specifications.
Interior space


  • Next Generation vehicle control interface: Vehicle control technology is being used as an interface for technology providers.


  • MSPF enabled  : Vehicle information is gathered from the Data Communication Module(DCM) fitted to the e-Palette Concept and accumulated in he Toyota Big Data Center(TBDC) through a global platform communication.


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