Whatsapp stickers makes chat on whatsapp more fun

Whatsapp stickers on the roll

Just few days back, Facebook rolled out the new look of its chat app. The messenger 4 is the revision update of the previous app. But, it looks like the Big Blue is turning the tables. Past few years have seen some great changes. Facebook and its subsidies have been trying to provide their users with ergonomic and valued features. The developing team has been putting their grey cells together to develop something new. And this time, it is the new feature of Whatsapp stickers. This has become possible only for the boom of internet technology.

The internet has had a great impact on the human lives. It indeed has changed many lives. The presence of the internet is inevitable. The applications have forayed into various segments of the society. Furthermore, people use this technology in many aspects. No matter you need to connect with your friends or build an e-commerce website or transit your business to online, the internet takes care of everything.

Whatsapp stickers makes chat on whatsapp more fun
Messenger stickers

Facebook has been using stickers in the messenger. And it has gained much appreciation among the users. Maybe, this is the reason why Whatsapp is introducing stickers. Whatsapp has recently announced its own set of stickers though. It is presently under beta testing and soon will be released for Android and iOS users. Since Whatsapp is going to have its own stickers. But before we dive into the new Whatsapp stickers, we must understand that it is out for beta testing only. Afterwards, Whatsapp will release the stickers for the commercial purpose.

What is new with Whatsapp Stickers?

Whatsapp stickers makes chat on whatsapp more fun
Whatsapp rolls out the stickers for beta testing

The newest feature of Whatsapp stickers will indeed bring the fun element in chats. Earlier, Facebook used the stickers and messenger came along. But, Whatsapp still had to stick to its own inventory of emoticons. The emoticons received wide appraisals from every corner of the world. The set also underwent various subtle changes. But, this time, they have made it big with the newest feature.

Whatsapp in its blog stated

“Whether with a smiling teacup or a crying broken heart, stickers help you share your feelings in a way that you can’t always express with words. To start, we’re launching sticker packs created by our designers at WhatsApp and a selection of stickers from other artists”

Whatsapp will also offer a separate API for third-party creators. They will develop an interface which will allow the creators to build stickers and add them later to Whatsapp. Users can also download certain sticker building apps from Google Play store, make stickers or memes, and later add to Whatsapp. However, there are certain protocols that the builders should follow. The stickers should be an image with transparent background. Moreover, each image should have a pixel of 512×512 and less than 10kB in size.

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Well, surely there are constant developments going on in the lab. The optimists are hoping that Whatsapp should also introduce filters like SnapChat. Back in 2017, Whatsapp also implemented the private mode on its web. It enables the clients to send or receive text message while video calling.

How to send stickers?

Whatsapp stickers makes chat on whatsapp more fun
How to send whatsapp stickers through the app

Firstly, users need to update their Whatsapp. Android users can update to 2.18.329 while 2.18.100 is for iOS users. Then, the users need to download the sticker packs. There are 12 Whatsapp Stickers packs. Afterwards, users can follow the following steps to enjoy the newest feature.

  1. Open the app and click on the chat.
  2. There is a sticker button and after clicking it, new stickers stores will open.
  3. There are various categories. So, one can select any category. The user will then get access to all the stickers in that category.
  4. Whatsapp Stickers can be accessed from web as well as the app. Hence, the user can select on the sticker they want to share and send to chat.

The Whatsapp Sticker app was announced at Facebook F8 annual developer conference this year.

Whatsapp stickers makes chat on whatsapp more fun
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Whatsapp stickers makes chat on whatsapp more fun
With Whatsapp stickers packs, chatting on the app will be more fun. The announcement was made at Facebook F8 annual developer conference this year.
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