Guilt Season 3

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The third and final season of the drama series Guilt will air. Creator and executive producer Neil Forsyth is bringing Max (Mark Bonnar) and Jake (Jamie Sives) back together for one final adventure full of the show’s trademark plot twists. Characters from both series will make appearances in the show. At the conclusion of Season 2, Max followed Jake to Chicago, but not before leaving a trail of lies in his wake.

The welcome they receive upon their return to Scotland isn’t as warm or straightforward as they might have hoped. They may or may not get the happily ever after they’ve been hoping for, depending on how well they do in their fight against old and new enemies.

Guilt Season 3 Release Date

Mark Bonnar’s character, Max, is seen here strolling down a street in Edinburgh in his newfound independence. On August 28th at 9 pm ET on PBS, season 2 of Guilt will premiere. In the United Kingdom, season 2 of the thriller has already premiered (October 2021).

Each of the four episodes can be watched online for free on BBC iPlayer. Filming for Guilt will begin in Scotland later this year. The show will debut on  BBC Scotland before making its way to BBC Two and the BBC iPlayer.

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Guilt Season 3 Cast

Mark Bonnar is back in his role as Max McCall, and Jamie Sives is back as his brother Jake. The role of Kenny, previously played by Emun Elliott, has been brought back for a second season. Sara Vickers (Endeavour, Watchmen) joins Phyllis Logan (Downton Abbey) as series regulars in the role of Erin.

Guilt Season 3

Stuart Bowman (Bodyguard, Deadwater Fell) replaced Bill Paterson (The Good Karma Hospital) as Roy Lynch, and Catherine O’Hara (The Good Karma Hospital) played her mother Maggie. Greg McHugh (The A Word, Fresh Meat), Ian Pirie (Chornobyl, The Capture), Rochelle Neil (The Nevers, Episodes), and Sandy McDade round out the newly assembled cast (Lark Rise to Candleford, EastEnders).

  • Mark Bonnar as Max McCall.
  • Stuart Bowman as Roy Lynch.
  • Sara Vickers as Erin, Roy’s daughter.
  • Emun Elliot returns as Alcoholic Kenny.
  • Phyllis Logan as Maggie.

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Guilt Season 3 Plot

A grandfather is killed when two brothers strike him with their car. Despite their best efforts to cover their tracks, everything begins to fall apart when the deceased man’s friends and family start to question the manner of his death. Max takes pleasure in displaying his wealth.

Guilt Season 3

The record store that his brother Jake runs is barely making ends meet. When they run over and kill an elderly man on his way home one night, they don’t come forward but instead, try to cover their tracks. As the brothers try to explain the man’s death to their increasingly suspicious neighbours, they watch their lives unravel under the weight of their growing guilt.

Guilt Season 2: Recap

In 2019, the show’s second season will premiere after receiving positive reviews. In a cellar in Edinburgh, two gunshots are heard, as reported by the BBC. On the outskirts of town, Max McCall is finally released from prison.

Guilt Season 3

It just so happens that Max is simultaneously fighting for his own existence and helping the newcomer, Erin, rebuild her life.  After his attempts at making up with Roy Lynch fall flat, Max turns to Kenny, despite their tumultuous past, for help.

Now Kenny is more self-assured than ever before because of his blossoming new relationship, and he presents Max with a more formidable challenge than expected. With no one else to turn to for assistance, Roy blackmails Max and Kenny into lending a hand so that he may tend to his daughter. There’s more to Max’s apparent downfall than meets the eye.

What Happened in the Final Episode of The Guilt Season 2?

Maggie tells Max that family is a weakness at the beginning of the Series Finale, after describing how the pain of Max and Jake in the first season broke her heart. She claimed that she witnessed Max and Jake’s tearful farewell while she was in the company of the violent offender Roy. Max has realised that Jake worked together with Maggie and Roy.

Maggie has threatened to murder one of them if they don’t reveal Max’s deed to her. Jake states that he was informed by Maggie and Roy that Max had been hit by a bus and was taken to the hospital. Max doesn’t understand why his brother would fall for this, but Jake says Max should be thankful he came.

Guilt Season 3

Max maintains that he, not Roy’s daughter Erin, hatched the idea to transfer the land into his name and that Erin was to compensate him for the paperwork he had to fill out. Max assures Maggi that he alone would bear the blame for whatever happens to Roy since he is the only one who can fix the problem. Maggie insists that she, too, takes necessary precautions.

When Max takes a good look at Jake, he sees that Jake was paid to turn him into the authorities. Jake explains his behaviour by saying he was going to do it regardless of payment and that Max was going to treat him the same way. Inviting Max to visit him in America at the tavern he bought with Roy’s money, Jame says he’s had a lousy attitude every day for the past month, but that Max would never have. Max yells at Jake and walks off when he asks if he wants to stay.

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Guilt season 2 Trailer

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