Hiccups & Hookups Season 2: Is This Series Release Date CONFIRMED For This Year?

Hiccups & Hookups Season 2: Is This Series Release Date CONFIRMED For This Year?

Hiccups & Hookups Season 2 is an Indian Hindi language web series available on Lionsgate Play. Shinnova Soni, Prateik Babbar, Meiyang Chang, Meera Chopra, and Lara Dutta star as the series’ leading ladies. Lionsgate Play Originals is the production firm behind this online series.

The second season of Hiccups & Hookups will premiere in 2022 and will be available on the Lionsgate Play OTT platform. Since it was just renewed by the platform for a second season following the show’s great debut, Hiccups and Hookups is now gearing up for another thrilling season.

The first season of Lionsgate Play’s Hiccups And Hookups premiered in November 2021. The film, starring Lara Dutta, Prateik Babbar, and Shinnova, depicted an unfiltered family. Hiccups and Hookups Season 2 have now been confirmed by the streaming platform.

Hiccup And Hookups Season 2 Release Date

On November 26, 2021, Hiccup And Hookups were released. After only a few episodes of its release, this show gained enormous traction, and now it has a new season, dubbed Season 1.

Many people are eagerly anticipating the release of Hiccup And Hookups and would like to know when it will be available. The release date for Hiccup and Hookups is November 26, 2021. The Season 2 of Hiccup and the Hookups will premiere on December 30, 2022.

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When Is It Coming Out?

The release date for Hiccup And Hookups is set for November 26, 2021. One of the most popular shows right now is Hiccup and Hookups which has been releasing new episodes regularly. One of the primary reasons that Hiccup And Hookups have become so popular is because of its riveting storyline, which we’ve already discussed in the section above.

Star Cast of Hiccup And Hookups Season 2

Aside from Meiyang Chang as Rinzing, Ayn Zoya as Ila, Meera Chopra as Fatty, and Keshav Uppal as Kirit, the rest of the cast includes Neha Mahajan as Sharmila, Saurabh Sharma as Mukesh, Diljot Chhabra as Diljot, Saurabh Sharma as Mukesh, Diljot Chhabra as Diljot, and Khalid Siddiqui as Khalid.

  • Lara Dutta
  • Prateik Babbar
  • Shinnova Soni
  • Meera Chopra
  • Meiyang Chang

Hiccup And Hookups Season 2 Plot

After her recent divorce from her spouse, Vasudha (Lara Dutta) is left to care for her teenage daughter Kay (Shinnova) and his younger brother Akhil in the first season of this comedy-drama series (Portrayed by Prateik Babbar).

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Hiccups and Hookups Season 2 Will Have a Lot of Twists and Turns

Lara Dutta, who portrays Vasudha in Hiccups and Hookups Season 2, expressed her excitement about the upcoming season. I am thrilled that people connected with Vasudha,” she stated of the show’s first season’s reception.

I’d want to express my gratitude to our viewers for their unwavering support of the show and the entire cast. It looks like we’ll be back for another Hiccups & Hookups season. one that’s full of surprises, and I’m excited to see how Vasudha’s story unfolds from here.

Hiccups & Hookups star Prateik Babbar, who portrays Akhil, added, “We are happy to deliver round 2 of Hiccups & Hookups to our fans. Expect a lot of action, drama, and adventure this time around (pun intended). There was a lot of enthusiasm for the first season, and I have no doubt that the second season will be just as well received.

Hiccups and Hookups Trailer