Imlie Season 2 Cast

Imlie Season 2 Cast: Is Gashmeer Mahajani as Aditya Kumar Tripathi Quits The Star Plus’ Hit Show Imlie!

Since its debut, Star Plus’s Imlie has become one of the network’s most-watched and beloved shows among viewers. Interesting, complex, fun-loving, humorous, introverted, emotional, sweet, dark, and psycho characters were born on the serial, and as a result, the show consistently ranked among the top 10 serials in terms of viewership ratings.

But the producers have decided that the show must move on, and fans will have to say goodbye to Imlie, Aryan, Malini, etc., while showing just as much affection to the new characters who will represent the next generation after the time jump. After Sumbul Touqueer and Fahmaan Shah (AryLie) left the show, the producers cast popular actors Seerat Kapoor, Megha Chakroborty, and Karan Vohra as the new leads.

Imlie Season 2: Released Date

With a title that translates to “Tamarind,” the Indian drama series Imlie debuted on StarPlus and Disney+ Hotstar on November 16, 2020. It was previously starring Sumbul Touqeer Khan, Fahmaan Khan, Mayuri Deshmukh, and Gashmeer Mahajani and was produced by Gul Khan under 4 Lions Films.

Imlie Season 2 Cast

Megha Chakraborty, Seerat Kapoor, and Karan Vohra are currently starring as the next generation. It’s based on the Bengali show Ishti Kutum, but it’s a pretty bare-bones translation.

Imlie Season 2 Cast

  • Sumbul Touqeer Khan as Imlie Aryan Singh Rathore
  • Fahmaan Khan as Aryan Singh Rathore
  • Gashmeer Mahajani / Manasvi Vashist as Aditya Kumar Tripathi
  • Mayuri Deshmukh as Malini Chaturvedi
  • Megha Chakraborty as Imlie Singh Rathore
  • Seerat Kapoor as Cheeni Tripathi
  • Keva Shefali as Child Cheeni Tripathi
  • Karan Vohra as Atharva: Imlie’s love interest

Imlie Season 2 Cast

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Imlie Season 2 Story

At eighteen years old, Imlie hails from the village of Pagdandia in the state of Uttar Pradesh’s Ballia district. Meethi’s mother, Meethi, got pregnant after a one-night stand with a city man named Dev Chaturvedi. The villagers decided that if a man slept with a woman, they should force the couple to get married.

Imlie looks up to Satyakam, farmer-turned-rebel fighting for Pagdandia’s rights, as a father figure. Bhaskar Times reporter Aditya “Adi” Kumar Tripathi lives and works in Delhi. Malini Chaturvedi (Dev’s daughter) has been his girlfriend for the past seven years.

Before they get engaged, Adi travels to Pagdandia to fulfill Satyakam’s interview and show the world that he is a revolutionary, not a rebel. After being forced to take shelter from the storms in a hut, Imlie assists Adi in leading the village.

Imlie Season 2 Cast

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The villagers and Imlie’s grandmother are convinced that the two spent the night together, so the next day they threaten to kill Adi if he doesn’t marry Imlie. Adi had no interest in getting married and instead preferred to end his life. Imlie puts a stop to them and, in an effort to save Adi’s life, they agree to get married.

Against their will, Imlie and Adi tie the knot. So that she can rescue Adi, Imlie poses as a maid and travels to New Delhi to meet the Tripathi family. Adi was extremely cruel to her. Although Adi is happy for Imlie, she worries that everyone’s happiness will be short-lived if they truly love Imlie. But Imlie stays because of her upbringing, her beliefs in marriage, her faith in God, and her fear that the villagers will kill Adi if she leaves.

Imlie Season 2 Soon


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