Outer Banks: What Does P4 L Mean? The Meaning of Pogue’s Season 2 Finale Statement Explained!

Loved ones are left wondering what the cryptic message from the season 2 conclusion of Outer Banks means and whether or not it is an Easter egg for the next season. With the release of the newest season just four days ago on July 30th.

fans of the popular Netflix series have already completed a few quick viewings. Eagle-eyed admirers would have noted that the finale is not the main to turn the abbreviation “P4L”. In the first scene of episode one of season two, JJ, Kie.

Pope carves a heart and John B’s name and initials, “P4L,” into a tree stump to memorialize his presumed death. After nine episodes and a failed attempt to collect the gold go, the message reappears, this time on a tree on an uninhabited island they soon come to call home.

“P4 L” Meaning Revealed

P4L is an abbreviation for “Pogues 4 Life,” and it represents their unending loyalty to one another. The team barely evacuated the cargo ship, and while they didn’t take anything with them, they got away with their lives since Rafe was poised to shoot their speeding lifeboat.

“P4 L” Meaning Revealed

John B tries restoring the squad spirit despite their future seeming grim on the unknown, desolate island. So, what do you do when you discover some territory, secluded from other humans? To use J.J.’s term for their new home, “Pogue Andia,” you have officially staked your claim to this territory and made it your own. He then carves “P4L” into a palm tree to proclaim the area as his territory.

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Will There Be Season 3?

As of yet, Netflix has revealed nothing, although a renewal is all but assured in light of the cliffhanger character reveal at the end of the series finale. Similarly, when the season premiered on July 30, Outer Banks debuted in the Top 10.

Thus, there’s not much of a case against renewing the series. Season 2 was renewed three months after the first chapter came out, therefore season 3 should be renewed in November 2021 and premiere in the fall of 2022.

Will There Be Season 3?

What Happened at The End of Outer Banks Season 2?

After losing the Royal Merchant Gold to Sarah’s evil clan, the Pogues have now lost the gold cross to…guess who? The Cameron’s are Sarah’s kin. How? As it turns out, Ward tries to kill Sarah while the Cameron’s and the Pogues are aboard a cargo ship, but John B. comes to the rescue.

If the Pogues can’t have the cross, then nobody can, so the rest of them try to toss it overboard. Pope, though, is cornered by Rafe, who takes the cross from him while they fight. As a result, the Pogues abandon ship because, well, the Cameron’s will kill them otherwise.

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What Happened at The End of Outer Banks Season 2?

The Pogues are stranded on an uninhabited island with no means of subsistence, but at least they are safe. In the last moments of season two, limberly meets with Big John, John B.’s father, who pledges to help her uncover the Shroud of Turin, a mystical healing cloth that was purportedly buried in the gold cross, so long as she helps John B. and his pals.

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