Queen Sugar Season 7

Queen Sugar Season 7 Released Date: How Will the Bordelon Family Say Goodbye?

To think this is the last season of Queen Sugar is unbelievable. Many people have grown attached to the show over the past few years because of its realistic family relationships, its exploration of Black culture (especially in the south), and its skillful weaving of often polarising issues within an otherwise tightly structured drama.

Oprah Daily published a message from series creator Ava DuVernay, in which she reflected on the show’s seven seasons. “Writing and producing a current drama about a Black family for seven seasons is a radical act in our profession and an achievement that has far surpassed any hopes I had.

Now, I’m convinced that the story, which dawned with a recommendation from Oprah, is ready for its sunset as a dream accomplished. One of the bright spots of my professional life has been working on Queen Sugar, and for that, I have endless gratitude.”

Queen Sugar Season 7 Release Date

Season seven of Queen Sugar will air on OWN on September 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. There will presumably be 13 episodes in the season. The season premiere will also be available on demand on the OWN TV app for those who missed it the first time around. There has been no confirmed announcement regarding the release date or platform for the final season in the UK as of yet.

But as soon as we hear anything new in that regard, you can rest assured that we’ll share it. Not knowing what it implies, the Queen Sugar Twitter account has posted a photo still from the pilot. The situation suggests that Aunt Vi is about to let someone have it.

Name Queen Sugar
Genre Drama
Language English
No. of seasons 6
No. of episodes 76
Queen Sugar Season 7 Release Date September 6

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Queen Sugar Season 7 Cast

Charley (Charlotte) Bordelon West, played by Dawn-Lyen Gardner, is the second of the Bordelon children. Ernest’s daughter was born to a white mother after he had moved to the West and married. The ex-wife of Davis West, half-sister to Nova and Ralph Angel, sports manager, and mom to Micah. Kofi Siriboe portrays the youngest Bordelon child, Ralph Angel, who is portrayed by the actor.

His family owns the property he was just released from prison to, and he has plans to make it a better place to live. Nicholas L. Ashe plays Micah West, Charley and Davis’s adolescent son. Hollingsworth “Hollywood” Desonier, Violet’s husband and an oil rig worker, as portrayed by Omar Dorsey, is a close friend of the Bordelon family. Rutina Wesley portrays Nova Bordelon, the eldest of the Bordelon children.


She is a journalist, activist, and healer in the city of New Orleans. The part of Remy Newell, an irrigation specialist and close friend of Ernest is played by Dondre Whitfield. Soon, he’s developing feelings for Charley and trying to help Ernest’s grown children. Timon Kyle Durrett portrays Davis West in the show.

He is the father of Micah and the affable ex-husband of Charley. Because of his involvement in a sex scandal, their marriage ended. Sister of Ernest Bordelon, played by Tina Lifford, Violet Bordelon. In addition to being the matriarch of the family, she also happens to be Hollywood’s wife.

The Queen Sugar Season 7 Spoilers

Although a summary for Season 7 has not been made public as of yet, there were several open plot threads at the end of Season 6. A new couple like Nova (Kerry B. Davis) and Dominic (McKinley Freeman) should have a fascinating dynamic to watch. Season 6 set up the possibility of a romantic relationship between the two main characters, and now that it has really happened, what happens next is intriguing.

The Bordelons are a close-knit group. In what ways will Dominic feel out of place, and in what ways will he embrace the group Ralph Angel and Darla’s newborn girl, born last season, should provide an interesting turn for the marriage, especially in light of their recent financial difficulties.

A lot of people are wondering where Ralph Angel’s career will go now that his crops were poisoned last year and the farm has been designated a historical site. The dynamic between Hollywood and Vi, Micah’s efforts to become a responsible adult, and Blue’s efforts to adjust to his new role as an older sibling will all continue in Season 7.

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Is Season 7 of Queen Sugar The last Season?

Many fans have been wondering if the seventh season of Queen Sugar has been renewed since the sixth season concluded. After waiting patiently for quite some time, it is apparent why the network gave the show the go-light. It has been announced that the last season of the critically acclaimed series Queen Sugar will soon air on television.

All episodes of Season 6 of Queen Sugar have aired on the network as of November 16, 2021, when the season officially ended. Prior to the conclusion of the sixth season, it was announced that a seventh and final season consisting of 13 episodes would be ordered.

Where To Stream Queen Sugar Season 7?

Release dates for new and returning broadcast, cable, and streaming TV shows this summer. All 88 episodes across the show’s seven seasons were helmed by women thanks to an initiative established by DuVernay at the commencement of production in 2016.

Nearly thirty first-time directors made their mark on Queen Sugar, and the show influenced how the television industry hired women and people of color. Season 6 of Queen Sugar will premiere in 2021, and DuVernay has already expressed her delight at the show’s continued success. You can watch Queen Sugar online on the OWN website, fuboTV, or Hulu.

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Queen Sugar Season 6: What Happened in The Final Episode?

Queen Sugar Season 6: What Happened in The Final Episode

And You Would Be One of Them, the sixth season finale, premiered on November 16, 2021. Shaz Bennett directed the episode, which was written by Anthony Sparks. At least 0.65 million people in the United States are expected to watch it.

The series finale showed viewers Charley deciding her future with Davis, Micah, and Isaiah talking about their friendship, the Bordelon family coming up with a strategy to reclaim their land, and Darla giving birth.

Queen Sugar Season 7 Trailer

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