Season 2 of “City on a Hill” Investigated: When And How Did Frankie Ryan Pass Away?

City On A Hill is full of shocking and unexpected events. It wasn’t until the season finale, “I Need a Goat,” that the show’s original season one villains, the Ryans, were given any real screen time. Frankie Ryan (Jonathan Tucker) was arrested for armed bank robbery, and his younger brother Jimmy Ryan (Mark O’Brien) was the one who tattled on him. Frankie’s wife Cathy Ryan (Amanda Clayton) and Jimmy’s friendship suffered as a result of this.

Frankie is a parent, a husband, and the leader of a gang of Charlestown thieves from a working-class background. He has been taking care of his troublesome younger brother Jimmy for quite some time. Jonathan Tucker, who has appeared on “American Gods,” “Westworld,” “Justified,” and “Call of Duty: WWII,” plays the part.

Jimmy, unbeknownst to Cathy, continues to make ends meet as a double agent (he deals drugs and informs the FBI). Cathy and her three children have had a rough go of it in life, and money issues have become a major source of stress. Frankie’s beauty salon company suffers as a result of the “publicity” surrounding her criminal past, which has now become public knowledge.

City on A Hill: How Did Frankie Ryan Die?

Frankie’s death in prison is presumed, but the specifics are unknown. Perhaps he is still alive. For a complete understanding of Frankie’s development, we must discuss the conclusion of the first season. Frankie and Jimmy were arrested by the police after a botched heist, and it was later revealed that Frankie’s own brother had betrayed him.

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Thus, Jimmy was cleared whereas Frankie faced numerous counts. By the time season 2 rolled around, viewers were wondering what had become of him. Speaking to Jonathan in 2019, he predicted: that Cathy’s repeated hints that Frankie has perished behind bars throughout the season are a dead giveaway.

It’s not really black and dried, though, and some viewers, including one who tweeted: “So Frankie isn’t truly dead. “, are beginning to wonder whether the show isn’t quite done with Frankie yet. In Cathy’s (Amanda Clayton) eyes, he’s already dead. She really is heartless, that’s for sure. The complete reality of what happened to Frankie may be revealed in future episodes.

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Has Jonathan Tucker Left City on A Hill?

Season 2 will not feature Jonathan Tucker or Frankie, as was previously announced. There have been no formal announcements that the American actor, now 38 years old, has left the project. That said, his involvement in Season 3 is still possible, depending on how his storyline develops.

In an effort to obtain leverage over Jenny’s (Jill Hennessy’s) husband, Decourcy pays a visit to the Rohr home. While Siobhan (Lauren E. Banks) is busy planning her race for the city council, she gets some good news. Even though Kelvin Campbell has been released from jail, he still can’t forget what happened on Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile, Jimmy Ryan has bigger difficulties than just a bad conscience.

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