Vincenzo Episode 20

Vincenzo Episode 20: When Will the Finale of Netflix K-Drama Air?

After witnessing Episode 19 of “Vincenzo,” viewers may be left wondering if they can realistically expect a happy conclusion. Vincenzo Cassano’s (Song Joong Ki) and Director Kim’s (Yoo Tae Wong) dramatic fight concluded in a way that spectators could have foreseen but did not desire.

Taking a lesson from Vincenzo’s playbook, Jang Han Seok (Ok Taec Yeon) is planning his retribution in the last episode of the tvN drama. Find out what happened in Episode 19 and what the conclusion of “Vincenzo” will be like by reading on!

When Will Vincenzo Episode 20 Air?

Episode 20 of “Vincenzo” will premiere on tvN in South Korea on May 2 at 9 PM KST and will become available on Netflix in other regions at 11 AM ET that same day.

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What happened in Vincenzo Episode 19?

This week, when “Vincenzo” arrived back in Seoul, he found Director Kim terrorizing the people of Geumga Plaza upon his return from the airport. But Vincenzo and the locals are able to defend themselves from Kim’s goons by beating them senselessly. Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin) return to court later in the episode to continue their lawsuit against Babel Tower.

Given that Han Seok is currently doing time in prison, Choi Myung Hee (Kim Yeo Jin) of Woosang Law Firm must defend Babel on her own. Because of the videos Vincenzo and Cha Young have collected, they win their case easily and prevent Babel from taking ownership of Geumga Plaza.

Meanwhile, former Woosang CEO Han Seung Hyuk (Jo Han Chul) understands he’s in danger but is rejected by Jang Han Seo (Kwak Dong Yeon), who is attempting to morally lead Babel. Although Vincenzo begs the new CEO of Babel to leave the country for a few months so that he can escape Han Seok’s influence, Han Seo flatly refuses, declaring that he will fight by Vincenzo’s side no matter the cost.

When Myung Hee agrees to serve time in prison for all of Han Seok’s offenses while secretly freeing him, that time arrives sooner than anybody had anticipated. As a result of Jung In Kook’s (Go Sang Ho) betrayal, Vincenzo resolved to teach him a lesson for helping Jipuragi Law Firm bring down Babel. To no avail, In Kook’s continued corruption is met with a final chance from Vincenzo.

In the end, Vincenzo kills him and makes it look like he committed himself. Han Seok gets to work right away, kidnapping Han Seo and Cha Young and compelling Vincenzo to come to his location. There, he begins to play mind games with Han Seo, promising that the latter will be allowed to live if he kills Vincenzo. But Han Seo is still dedicated to Vincenzo, so he goes after Han Seok instead. Vincenzo and Cha Young attempt to flee the chaos, but Cha Young is shot by Han Seok.

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What to expect from Vincenzo Episode 20?

Now that there is only one more episode of “Vincenzo,” fans are wondering what will happen. Although viewers cannot be certain at this time that Cha Young has died, Vincenzo’s enraged expression at the end of Episode 19 should serve as a warning that Han Seok’s time is running out. The outcome of the final battle is still uncertain.

Together, Han Seo and Vincenzo can physically take down Han Seok, but the latter is still armed and just as unstable as ever. While Vincenzo was still alive, Myung Hee is in jail, and Seung Hyuk pleaded to be locked up for three months.

If things continue as they are, the two dishonest attorneys probably won’t be released from jail. What are the chances of survival of Cha Young and Han Seo? If you’re wondering if there will be any more deaths on “Vincenzo,” you’ll have to wait for only one episode to find out.

The preview for next week’s episode hints that Han Seok will be escaping Vincenzo, but it also indicates that Cha Young and Han Seo are still alive. Naturally, before “Vincenzo” says goodbye to its audience, there will be one last battle between Vincenzo and Han Seok.

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