Hair Originals Shark Tank

Hair Originals Shark Tank: What Happen to Hair Originals After Shark Tank?

Founder and Staff of Hair Originals

Sharma, Jitendra

The company’s founder and CEO are Mr. Jitendra Sharma. All of the media sources and people are talking about him and his enterprise thanks to his recent appearance on Shark Tank. Sharks were attracted by the overwhelming image, which raised their eyebrows.

Sharma, an IIT Delhi alumnus from 2008, has always strived for perfection. Before launching Hairoriginals in September 2019, Jitendra Sharma, who holds a dual degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT Delhi, spent 11 years as a Precom Leader at TotalEnergies.

He benefited from his exposure to other cultures and his eleven years of expertise in the oil industry. He learned about the unorganized hair extension sector in India and recognized countless prospects.

Another creator of the business was Ashish Tiwari, who left the organization in December 2021 after divorcing Jitendra Sharma and resigning as a co-founder. Tiwari quit his job to help launch HairForever.

A close-knit group of seasoned in-house stylists at HairOriginals stand out for their industry-leading talent. As a result, Hair Originals offers high-quality hair products and services.

The Startup Story of Hair Originals and Its Journey to Shark Tank

The Shark Tank series has enjoyed tremendous success in its many international analogs. Now that it has arrived in India, this mania is all the rage. Entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to a group of investors known as sharks in the show.

Hair Originals Shark Tank

Some of India’s most well-known businesspeople and thought leaders are among these sharks. They have already gone and completed that. The majority of the sharks have created their own businesses from the ground up and are aware of what it takes to be a prosperous entrepreneur. Mr. Sharma received a request to introduce their business, HairOriginals, on the Shark Tank India programme.

He went into more detail about how his business could transform the fashion industry. It makes sense why he received alluring investment proposals. They completed a pre-seed round, which they will utilize to conduct more thorough market research and see quicker growth.

They keep an eye on the pre-series A rounds as well. Their partner salon programmes and direct-to-consumer platform will benefit from it.

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What distinguishes HairOriginals from other brands?

Starting in the opulent Parisian market, HairOriginals grew to be a well-known hair extension company. Along with its devoted clientele, the business collaborates with salon partners all around the world.

Customers can get their hair extensions installed for free thanks to these salon partners. Official partners with well-known hair training institutions like Schwarzkopf and L’Oreal include HairOriginals. It is a recognized business associate of renowned Brazilian stylist Helder Marucci Master Class.

Without a doubt, 100% Remi Indian hair is among the highest-quality hair available. In light of this, HairOriginals obtains premium human hair from a few south Indian temples. The highest quality is ensured. The hair is processed without the use of any chemicals.

Price is equally as important as quality. It determines whether or not the hair extensions are worthwhile to purchase. Existing companies were making inferior hair extensions. Mr. Sharma observed the market monopoly at the time because there was no competition.

The prices for the brands are two to three times higher. Their hair extensions were of poor quality as well. Natural virgin Remi Indian hair, recognized for its luxurious texture, is used to manufacture HairOriginals’ hair extensions. It offers the greatest adaptability, independence, and ability to style, color, and maintain.

Hair Originals In Shark Tank

When it comes to providing natural ayurvedic treatment for hair, India has always been in the front. The cosmetic business is highly in demand for Indian hair worldwide. For the greatest hair extensions, a rich texture is required.

For the untrained eye, it won’t appear to be a huge deal, but Jitendra Sharma discovered a gold mine that was lying there in the open. Shark Tank and HairOriginals are two names that are now sticking in people’s minds. Mr. Jitendra Sharma immediately started the fight to find natural hair strands.

He quickly became recognized as a pioneer in the field. And now he and his business, HairOriginal, have been highlighted in the most recent Shark Tank India episode.

Future Objectives of Hair Originals

Hair Originals Shark Tank

A brief look at history will astound you before revealing what the future of hair extensions will be. Women have worn hair extensions for thousands of years. There are some historical references to the Egyptian queen Cleopatra wearing hair extensions when she ruled the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt from 51 to 30 BC.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to predict that HairOriginals will achieve great success under the direction of Mr. Jitendra Sharma. Their expansion will be fueled by the most recent Shark Tank financing round. It will also assist them in establishing their international presence.

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The business wants to broaden its horizons by collaborating with more upscale salons in the best nations. It will use its customer-facing platform as a catapult to draw new clients. ‘

Without a doubt, HairOriginals will transform how hair extensions are used. Jitendra Sharma, the company’s founder, is confident that his venture will transform the world of fashion. He has a lot of faith in the variety of lengths, hues, and textures their hair extensions offer.

Hair Originals’ new D2C platform is designed to lower the price of its high-end items so that everyone can buy them. By eliminating middlemen, the startup hopes to make this viable. Jitendra Sharma, the company’s founder, and CEO stated, “In the next two to 2.5 years, our ambition is to accomplish a target of 100 Cr ARR.”


The hair extensions market has a lot of promise in the quickly expanding fashion sector. Top celebrities and fashion models both utilize hair extensions. Top hair stylists utilize them for movies, fashion shows, music videos, and other projects.

It would be reasonable to conclude that hair extensions are here to stay given their widespread exposure and high demand. They offer many installation options, which only increases their adaptability.

They will receive the necessary boost and international visibility via the Shark Tank financing round. It will facilitate their expansion and provide them access to a vast investment network. It will be essential to their development.

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