Raising Superstars Shark Tank:

Raising Superstars Shark Tank: What Happened to Raising Superstars in Shark Tank?


Raising Superstars, an app-based solution from the two co-founders Raghav & Shraddha Himatsingka, aids in children’s cognitive development. To showcase their product, they brought one of their customers.

The narrative begins 3.5 years ago when both of the co-founders welcomed their son, which is how the entire concept was conceived.

Children can start (0–3 years) using cards and apps from the very beginning. The 4 programmes they provide, which range in length from 7 days to 1 year, have a solid profit margin.

Inquire about Rs. 1 Crore at 2% Equity.

Anupam Mittal made a brief recommendation and a letter before declining. The investments were also abandoned by Namita and Vineeta. Aman offered Rs. 1 Crore at 4% Equity, while Ashneer offered the same amount at 5% Equity. Ashneer appeared intrigued.

After taking some time away, both co-founders returned to hear a fresh idea where Ashneer and Aman formed a partnership and offered Rs. 1 crore at 4% equity.

Shark Tank India Live: Torch-it – Empowering Vision Beyond Sight

Raising Superstars Shark Tank

Hunny Bhagchandani arrived with the goal of empowering people and easing their lives. By utilizing Sonar, which sends radiation, as well as a few patent innovations, the Torch-it device is said to be both economical and precise.

75 lakh rupees at 1% equity, please.

The next product in line is Jyoti, a smart wearable glass. It is now in alpha testing, and even the product’s video was featured in the episode. The price of their goods was its strongest point.

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Sharks appeared to be interested. Instead of using an equity model, Aman Gupta and Vineeta suggested using a debt model, but they didn’t fully include their investment.

Anupam proposed Rs. 25 lakh in debt and Rs. 50 lakh at 2.5% equity. Anupam rejected the counter offer, which was Rs. 50 lakh at 1% equity, therefore the founder was left without any deals.

Shark Tank India Live – LKD: La Kheer Deli!

Raising Superstars Shark Tank

50 lakh rupees at 7.5% equity, please.

Shivang, Sonia, and Shivika Sood established LKD together, and it has a distinctive flavor that comes in a variety of intriguing tastes.

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The product has a six-day shelf life, but the co-founders said they are conducting research to extend it to three months. An idea that struck while making Kheer at home—yes, it was as simple as it sounds—came.

A single offer of Rs. 50 lakh at 25% Equity was made by Anupam Mittal after the Sharks made their ideas and recommendations. After some deliberation, the co-founders returned and counter-offered with Rs. 50 lakhs at 15% Equity.

Anupam didn’t like their offer, therefore the co-founders left without receiving any money from the Shark Tank Platform.

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