Infosys Bans Ex Employees to Work with Others It Companies; Complaint Filed by NITES..!!

Infosys Bans Ex Employees to Work with Others It Companies; Complaint Filed by NITES..!!

A new regulation was implemented by Infosys, one of the top five Indian IT businesses, which prohibits former workers from working with ‘identified rivals’ for six months if Infosys’ clientele is the same as theirs.

Employees who have left Infosys or are considering leaving are concerned that this new restriction may limit their alternatives when they leave.

There’s a Prominent It Workers’ Union.

Complaints have been made by the Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES) over this unjust rule. Workers who have left the company have been informed that they cannot work with former colleagues.

“n consideration of the above, I agree that for a period of six (6) months following the termination of my employment with Infosys, I will not:

in the twelve (12) months immediately before the termination of my employment with Infosys, accept any offer of employment from any Customer, where I have worked in a professional capacity for that Customer;

infosys bans ex employee

to take any job offered by a Named Competitor of Infosys where I would be required to work with a Customer with whom I had previously worked in the twelve (12) months before the termination of my employment with Infosys.

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Five of India’s Biggest It Companies’ Rehire Rates:

Several variables are taken into account when a company rehires an ex-employee, and not all firms do so.

Regardless of what is going on in politics, education, or the IT industry, the job situation in India remains relevant. Regardless of what’s going on in one’s personal life, having “work” is a need that can’t be ignored.


Several current and former Tate Consultancy Services (TCS). Twitter workers claim that the company’s revised HR approach discourages the re-hiring of former employees. As far as past TCS workers go, Quora answers from current employees explain why the company no longer accepts applications from previous employees.

According to one answer that has received a lot of support, TCS is preferred by freshers since it provides greater “security” than any other firm. TCS likes to hire freshers rather than rehire employees after a period of two or four years, which would necessitate a 20 or 40 percent raise.

Other possible motives include ensuring equal treatment and reducing attrition. Current employees may be more inclined to stay if this measure is implemented. The policy, however, can alter over time because no HR policy is everlasting.

If you are a former employee who wants to return to TCS, there is no current HR Policy on the TCS website that discusses how to do so.


Generally speaking, Infosys is open to former employees returning if they leave on “good terms,” according to what one has heard. Several present and past Infosys workers have indicated that former employees of Infosys may seek to get re-hired as long as adequate documents, notice time, and real reasons were supplied.

infosys bans ex employees

At the very least, the reporting manager would provide the employee with some comments at the time. Rehired employees’ salaries and job titles, on the other hand, remain a mystery.

Tech Mahindra Inc.

Tech A current employee on Quora claims that Mahindra employees have two options: they can rejoin within 21 days if their reporting manager agrees, or they can re-join after a six-month “cooling period,” in which the hiring process will be similar to that of new employees, and they will be able to apply for a new position.


Industry sources report that the re-joining process at Cognizant is identical to that of a new employee. An ex-employee can apply and participate in the interview process after a few months at Cognizant.


The official Wipro website states that ex-employees can re-apply for appropriate jobs by referrals or directly after six months after their departure from the business. The referral site may be used to re-post their resumes.

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The Reason Behind Infosys’s Action Is Unclear.

IT companies are losing employees at an alarming rate, and there’s intense competition for the best minds in the field. The turnover rate for Infosys has risen to 27 percent in the previous three months, with more than 80,000 employees resigning.

The same holds true for other prominent IT companies. It’s evident that Infosys is desperate to keep the staff from quitting, and this new regulation shows that.

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Nites Has Brought a Grievance.

Workers at Infosys have complained to NITES or the Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate, which has filed a complaint with the Ministry of Labour and Employment.

Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate NITES President Harpreet Saluja has filed a complaint, which states: Section 27 of the Contract Act plainly prohibits restraint of commerce, hence the limitation in the Employment letter indicated above is unconstitutional.”

infosys bans ex employees

It is not looking to enforce the negative covenant while the employee is still employed, but rather after he or she has left the company. An employee’s agreement that even partially restricts his or her ability to perform his or her job duties is void, and as a result, the contract must be regarded as one that cannot be enforced.

The covenant provision imposed is too broad in scope to be enforced, hence the corporation should be prevented from enforcing it after services have ended.

Because of the lack of negotiating power between the employer and employee, the employee’s covenants should be evaluated closely because the employee is given a standard type of employment contract to accept or reject.

As a result of the employee’s haste to secure a job, the employment contract with Infosys Ltd may read, “tempt improvident individuals, for the sake of current gain, to deprive them of the capacity to make future acquisitions and subject them to imposition and oppression” (p. 1).

infosys bans ex employees

The employee’s ability to earn a living for himself and his family is likely to be affected by the employment contract. Employees are subjected to restrictions that go beyond what is essential to keep the company safe, and these restrictions are both severe and unpleasant to the workers who must endure them.

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Please take immediate action and issue required instructions to Infosys Ltd. to remove this unlawful, immoral, and arbitrary language from the employment agreements,” we said in an official complaint.