NBA Bans Black Mask: Why are black masks banned in the NBA? Here’s What You Need to Know..!!

Ending Black History Month too soon is a disappointment. Even LeBron James’ black mask has been wiped from history owing to NBA’s corporate creative killa squad It’s not uncommon for NBA fans to be entertained by players’ fashion choices before and during games.

As a rule, any uniform modifications that the league office does not approve of or cannot profit from are frowned upon by league officials. Eight years ago, Wade, James, and Kobe Bryant popularised masks and tights.

Following initial approval from the league, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver changed direction and demanded that James wear a transparent mask that the league believes appropriate for Thursday night’s game.

It’s unclear why the league reversed course and banned the mask that made such a stir on social media, but it’s easy to guess. It has nothing to do with DC Comics suing for copyright infringement, concerns about anti-vigilante policies, or worry about a lookalike taking James’ place on the floor one night.

Because the NBA did not profit from the sale of James’ carbon-fiber mask, the NBA was forced to remove the mask and the related memes. Even if the league hasn’t provided an explanation, that’s the only explanation that makes sense.

black masks ban in nba

In the end, James bowed to the demands of his corporate overlords, who had wanted him to take their decision to the league to court. Adam Silver has demonstrated that he is no Commissioner Gordon by retiring LeBron’s Batman mask.

After claiming that Gonzaga University had excluded him from home basketball games because he refused to wear the school’s mask mandate, NBA legend John Stockton made a series of weird incorrect allegations regarding the Covid-19 vaccine in an interview with the Spokesman-Review on Sunday.

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The Essential Details

When one of the most famous alums of the Spokane-based Jesuit institution refused to wear a mask during games over and over again, Gonzaga decided to revoke Stockton’s season tickets.

There were a few discredited conspiracy theories that Stockton brought up during the interview, including the assertion that 150 professional athletes in the “prime of their lives” had died from the Covid-19 vaccination.

nba ban black masks

There is no evidence to substantiate this assertion that the Covid-19 vaccination causes death. Chris Standiford, the athletic director at Gonzaga, did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Forbes and declined to comment to The Spokesman-Review.

Crucial Quote

Said Stockton, “basically, they were asking me to wear a mask to the games and, because I’m a public figure and a little more visible, I stood out a little bit.” Standiford informed Stockton of the decision during a “not nice” chat.

As a result, they received complaints and believed that they would be forced to either require me to wear a mask or suspend my tickets if they received them from whomever the higher-ups were.

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Advocate in Charge of Review

More than 150 professional athletes have been killed by the Covid-19 vaccination, according to John Stockton, according to Dave Zirin, sports editors of The Nation. Here’s a truth check in the event that you have a family member who is similarly detached from reality.

nba ban black masks

Conclusion: “It’s bullsh-t, and I’m sorry if it shocks you.” Stockton’s refusal to wear a mask was praised by conservative sports journalist Clay Travis, who tweeted, “Good for Stockton here.”