N.J. Bans Plastic Bags: Low-Income and Disabled People Face Greater Challenges..!!

N.J. Bans Plastic Bags: Low-Income and Disabled People Face Greater Challenges..!!

There will be a ban on single-use plastic bags in New York City starting on May 4. This is giving businesses the chance to sell branded alternatives like totes. At the beginning of this week, a big supermarket is already giving out free bags with their logo on them.

People who shop at Stop & Shop stores in New Jersey will get free reusable bags on May 2 and 3 in preparation for a ban on single-use plastic bags that will go into effect on May 4 in the Garden State.

The giveaway of branded totes is a sign that promotional products distributors have more chances to sell logoed reusable bags in New Jersey, the most crowded state in the country.

If you want to buy single-use plastic bags and polystyrene foam food-service products in New Jersey, you can’t get them or sell them there. The law also says that grocery stores that have more than 2,500 square feet can’t give out or sell single-use paper carryout bags.

Plastic-Bag Ban Spells Promo Sales Potential.

The reason for the bans is to protect the environment. Those who want to ban the bags say that they end up littering, polluting, and endangering wildlife, which can choke on or get caught in them. “Plastic bags are one of the most dangerous types of garbage because they end up in our landfills, rivers, and oceans every year.”

People in New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s state of the state address said that, too. “We’re taking on the problem of plastic pollution head-on with solutions that will help fight climate change and keep our environment healthy for future generations.”

New Jersey's single-use bag

State officials and people who care about the environment have been urging people and businesses to use reusable bags instead of disposable ones. This could be good news for people who make promotional products.

Retailers of all sizes could be willing to sell and give away reusable bags like Stop & Shop is doing. Putting a store’s name on the bags makes good business sense because so many people will be carrying them around.

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There are more than just retailers who might be interested. It’s possible for businesses from hair salons to gyms to yoga studios to know about the ban on plastic bags and to be told by a distributor about the marketing power of reusable bags, so they can sell or give away bags to customers.

Some businesses in and around New Jersey, especially those who want to show that they care about the environment, might be more likely to buy reusable bags with their logos on them because of the bans.

The New Jersey Business Action Center ( NJBAC) has set up a vendor clearinghouse to help businesses in the Garden State find reliable wholesalers and manufacturers of reusable and paper carryout bags that meet the new regulations. The clearinghouse will help businesses find wholesalers and manufacturers that can meet the new rules.

People from any place in the world can apply to be on the vendor list. Companies that make promotional products, for example, can apply. Companies that are registered to do business in New Jersey and sell products that meet the new law’s requirements can be on the vendor list.

Plastic Bag Ban Signed Into Law -

It must be made of polypropylene or PET nonwoven fabric; have stitched handles, and be made to last at least 125 times. As part of the law, the non-profit NJ Clean Communities Council got $1.5 million from the state.

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The grant will be given out over three years, and it will help the council provide educational services and free reusable bags to people in the communities. Nonprofit officials say that since last May, they have given away things and done other outreach.

Practical Considerations and Cost.

She thinks about mobility when she thinks about how the bag ban will affect the daily lives of people with disabilities in New Jersey. In a wheelchair, it might not be so easy to put the reusable bags into your backpack, said Majeski.

In the emails, they send to residents, which group has added information about the bag ban. “Most people also don’t know that the ban also applies to paper bags, and the May 4 deadline is coming up.”

When Joann Williamson, a nurse in Union, saw news stories about the state’s bag ban, she found out. They must be strong enough so that they don’t break.” If they are, I don’t know. Williamson is 60 and has spinal problems. That’s what I think. Most people get some kind of disability after they reach a certain age, and I don’t think they’ve thought about this.

Philly's plastic bag ban has started.

Because she “has no choice but to buy reusable bags now,” Williamson is worried about the extra cost and “hygiene” of the bag alternatives and if they’ll be able to hold her shopping comfort

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A Communication Issue.

A professor of civil and environmental engineering at NJIT’s Newark College of Engineering says that the ban on low-income families will likely have practical consequences as well.

Pennock said that families who don’t have washing machines at home to clean their bags or who have to take public transportation to go grocery shopping will face more problems.

Georgian Court University biology professor Louise Wootton said that providing resources for people and businesses is only half the battle. She is also the head of the sustainability committee.

NJ plastic bag ban

They should be in different communities. We need to look for them.” My guess is that people are more likely to listen to messages from people they know than from strangers. You can be friends with someone who comes from the same culture or has been raised in the same way as you.

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They’re going to be able to find those points of common ground that they can agree on. So the conversation can get off to a good start. No, I don’t think anyone wants to be preached at.