Oklahoma Bans Abortions: A 6-Week Abortion Ban Is Signed Into Law by The Governor…!!

Oklahoma Bans Abortions: A 6-Week Abortion Ban Is Signed Into Law by The Governor…!!

As part of a statewide drive in GOP-led states hoping that the conservative U.S. Supreme Court will support new limits, Oklahoma Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt signed an abortion ban on Tuesday that bars abortions after approximately six weeks of pregnancy. After signing the bill, Stitt tweeted, “I want Oklahoma to be the most pro-life state in the country.”

After a leaked draught opinion from the U.S. Supreme Court stated that it is considering weakening or overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, Stitt signed the bill into law.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court on Tuesday refused an emergency motion to temporarily block the bill that Stitt signed into law. Now that the new rule is in place, abortion clinics said they will cease providing services to women who are more than six weeks pregnant.

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A staff attorney with the New York-based Center for Reproductive Rights, which is representing Oklahoma’s abortion providers in this dispute, stated that “abortion services after six weeks will essentially be unavailable” while the law is in effect, which it currently is because the governor signed it. Despite the short-term setback, “we’re optimistic that the Oklahoma Supreme Court will still provide us relief.”

Once an embryo shows signs of heart activity, which experts say occurs around six weeks into a pregnancy and before most women even realize they’re pregnant, it is now illegal to abort the child.

Many women were forced to go to Oklahoma and other neighboring states for abortions after Texas lawmakers passed a similar measure last year.

Dr. Iman Alsaden, the medical director of Planned Parenthood Great Plains, said Texas’ law that went into force in September has given their personnel an idea of what a post-Roe society will look like.


Patients who have fled their towns in search of medical attention are “frequently” treated by Alsaden and his colleagues. “Until September 2021, people were able to access the care they needed securely and readily in their communities. They’re spending time off of work, time off of school, and time away from their family duties to acquire it.”

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Unless the pregnancy is the consequence of rape or incest, there are no exceptions to the bill’s abortion provisions. Individuals might sue abortion doctors and others who assist women in getting abortions for up to $10,000 under Oklahoma law, which is similar to Texas’s legislation on the subject.

Thereafter, other Republican-led states attempted a copycat ban, following the Supreme Court’s decision. The first copycat bill was approved by Idaho’s governor in March, but the state’s Supreme Court has temporarily banned it.

Earlier this year, Governor Stitt signed a bill making it a felony offense to conduct an abortion in Oklahoma. However, the law is not slated to take effect until this summer, and legal experts predict that it will be stopped because of the Roe v. Wade ruling.

Statistics from the Oklahoma State Department of Health show that since 2002, the annual number of abortions conducted in Oklahoma, a state with four abortion facilities, has dropped progressively from more than 6,200 to 3,737, the lowest figure in more than two decades.

About 9% of Oklahoma abortions were performed on women from Texas prior to the passage of the Texas statute in 2020.

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According to the data, around 40 Texas women had abortions performed in Oklahoma each month before the state ban went into effect on September 1. In September, there were 222 women in Texas, and in October, there were 243.