Shawnee Bans Co-Living: Votes to Stop People from Living Together in All Areas that Are Zoned for Living.

Shawnee Bans Co-Living: Votes to Stop People from Living Together in All Areas that Are Zoned for Living.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – This is where I live. In a unanimous vote Monday night, the Shawnee City Council voted that co-living groups, which are homes where different people live together, would be banned in Shawnee.

Four or more people who are not related can’t live together in the city’s new code, which has changed. Across the country, rental prices are going up, and people are looking for ways to make their homes more affordable by living together.

At the same meeting, the results of a housing affordability study for Shawnee were shown.

shawnee co-living ban

“What happens in Shawnee is very important for the whole county,” says the person. In her job, Kristy Baughman, who is the director of education and planning for United Community Services of Johnson County, talks to people about how they can help people.

An organization that analyses data to help plan and build cities said. Home prices in Johnson County rose 37% from 2017 to 2021, but wages for “foundational” jobs only rose by 12% at the most.

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Almost half of the renters in Shawnee were weighed down by the cost of housing, which means they spent 30 percent or more of their income on housing.

As soon as the city’s lawyers finish writing the formal code, the mayor will sign off on the changes, a city rep said. The title of this post is a little too politically incorrect. Co-living might be a good way to solve the problem of “too damn high” rent.

It’s better than sleeping under a bridge or in a tent. Many Asian men were sleeping in dog cages in a recent video I saw on the internet. To their credit, they didn’t look like they were having a bad time as they scrolled through the Internet on their phones like most Americans do. …

On Monday, a city in Johnson County, Missouri, voted unanimously to ban a living arrangement that was meant to help tenants save money on their rent. This is just the latest in a long line of desperate attempts to stay middle class in the suburbs.


The Shawnee City Council voted 8-0 to ban co-living, making them one of the first cities in the Kansas City area to do so. The practice has become more popular in recent years as rent and home prices have gone up.

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There must be at least four people who are not related living together in the same home under the new law. In the ordinance, it said that if one adult isn’t related to another adult, then the whole group isn’t related.

A lot of people started doing this because rental and housing prices in the United States kept going up. This meant that people started sharing a kitchen, living room, and other areas.

Because it’s cheaper and easier to move around, co-living has become more popular in cities where rents are high for young professionals. The Washington Post wrote about this in 2019.

When the City Council voted, they did so even though a presentation from a group in Johnson County said that the average home price there went up 37% from 2017 to 2021. The average home price in the county went up from $324.393 to $443,700.

Shawnee Mission ban co-living

The study also found that wages didn’t rise at the same rate as prices. It is one of the three largest cities in Johnson County. People who work for United Community Services of Johnson County say that what happens in Shawnee has a big impact on the whole county.

He said that the group got money from the Kansas Healthcare Foundation in 2017 as part of a project to make communities healthier. She said the goal was to find a problem with health equity, and that was the task.

“Over and over again, the cost of housing was the thing that kept people from being healthy,” Baughman said.

As far as the city is concerned, Co-Living Groups are not the same as Group Homes for people with disabilities, which can be built.

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Barnes said that Home Room has 152 homes across the country, with 1,000 tenants since it started. They want to have 50,000 people living there in the next two years.

As a former member of the City Council, Tracy Thomas had a lot to say about how the housing trend was moving into Shawnee.

She and other people were worried that it could lead to a huge number of renters, more people parking on the street and changes in the value of homes. “Co-living sounds great at first, but there’s this mix of people who care about their homes and people who don’t,” Thomas said.

Minister for Housing to ban new co-living developments

Some people who want to build low-cost homes don’t like it. She is a realtor and the President of the Kansas City Regional Housing Alliance.

said she was sad to hear that Shawnee had made this decision. She told cities to keep their minds open to new ways of housing.

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It’s the same thing for renters as for everyone else, she said. When people and young professionals live together, they have the chance to make a home in a place they can’t afford on their own.

As well, it’s good for older people to stay in their homes for a longer time. It’s just a short-term decision that they made, and we lost cheap places.