What Is Melissa Lucio Accused of With the Texas Woman Whose Execution Was Postponed?

What Is Melissa Lucio Accused of With the Texas Woman Whose Execution Was Postponed?

There are a lot of people in Houston, Texas. Jurors in Texas have called for the execution of an 85-year-old woman who was sentenced to die for killing one of her 14 children in 2007. They also want her to get a new trial.

When Melissa Lucio was set to be executed in Texas in less than 48 hours, the Court of Criminal Appeals ordered a lower court to look at new evidence that Lucio is not guilty of killing her two-year-old daughter Mariah. This new evidence shows that Lucio is not guilty.

They say new evidence shows that Mariah’s head was hit by a bump when she fell down a steep staircase. Many lawmakers and celebrities like Kim Kardashian also think the fall was to blame.

Lucy’s supporters include Amanda Knox, an American whose murder conviction for killing a British student in Italy was overturned. Prosecutors, on the other hand, say that the girl was abused as a child.

Lucio’s lawyers have filed a lot of legal appeals to try to stop her from being executed. On Monday, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles will hear her case. The Republican governor is in charge of the country.

It could be up to Greg Abbott to decide Lucio’s fate. If Lucio is executed by Texas, she would be the first Latina to be put to death by the state and the first woman to die in the state since 2014.

Melissa Lucio’s Daughter Mariah Died, and There Is a Lot of Debate on It.

In Lucio’s defense, they say her conviction for capital murder was based on an unreliable and coerced confession that came after she was questioned for hours on end and had a long history of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, which led her to make the confession. They say Lucio wasn’t allowed to show evidence that the confession she made was not true.

Her lawyers also say that unscientific and false evidence led the jury to believe that Mariah’s injuries could only have been caused by physical abuse and not by medical complications from a very bad fall.

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My accusation was not true, and I knew it. Even though Lucio’s choices in life were not good, he says he would never have hurt any of his children in this way.

Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz, whose office tried the case, says he doesn’t believe Lucio’s lawyers when they say new evidence would clear her. They say Lucio had a history of drug abuse, and at times Lucio had to give up some of her 14 children.

Before later saying that if the courts didn’t act, Saenz would use his power to stop the execution. This was during a Texas House committee hearing on Lucio’s case this month.

Armando Villalobos – Ballotpedia was the district attorney in the county when Lucio was convicted in 2008. Lucio’s lawyers say that Villalobos tried to get Lucio convicted so that he could win reelection. In 2014, Villalobos was sentenced to 13 years in federal prison for a bribery scheme in which he paid people to make prosecutorial decisions that were more favorable.


There Are People Who Have Said that Melissa Lucio’s Execution Should Be Put on Hold.

Some people in Texas want her execution to be halted because they don’t want her to die. A group of Texas lawmakers from both parties went to Gatesville this month to pray with Lucio, a woman on the state’s death row.

In the case of Lucio, five of the 12 jurors and one of the alternate jurors have said they don’t agree with their decision and want her to get a new trial. As well as having support from religious leaders, Lucio’s cause was also mentioned by John Oliver in a show on HBO called “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.”

In 2020, there will be a documentary called “The State of Texas vs. Melissa.” Lucio’s family and supporters have been traveling across the state of Texas and holding rallies and screenings of the film.

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Texas Is Debating Whether to Commute Melissa Lucio’s Death Sentence or Put Off Her Execution.

Appeals to stop Lucio’s execution are being heard in both state and federal courts. If  The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles agrees with her, they could either change her death sentence to life in prison or give her a 120-day reprieve from execution.

If the board decides that her sentence should be reduced or that she should get a reprieve, Abbott would have to sign off on the move. Only one death row inmate has been granted clemency by the governor since 2015 when he or she took office. He or she could also put a 30-day execution stay in place without consulting anyone.

Abbott changed the death sentence for Thomas “Bart” Whitaker, who was convicted of killing his mother and brother. This is how it worked: Whitaker’s father was also shot but managed to get out alive, and he led the fight to save his son.

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How Often Do Women Get Put to Death in The U.S.?

It’s not very common in the United States, says the Death Penalty Information Center, which is based in Washington, D.C., and is against capital punishment.

Since the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976, 17 women have been put to death across the country, according to data. Texas has killed more women than any other state. Six have been killed in Texas. Oklahoma is next with three, and Florida has done two so far.

As far back as 1976, one woman has been executed by the government. Following a 17-year pause, the Trump administration started executions in the federal system again in January 2021. Lisa Montgomery, who lived in Kansas, was put to death by lethal injection. Under the Biden administration, the Justice Department has again put executions on hold.