5 best bicycle kick goals in football of recent past

Best Bicycle kicks in football
Christiano Rondaldo’s Bicycle kick

April 3, 2018 marks one of the best moments in the Football history as well as champions league. It was the night of enthusiasm and football lovers. The night when the whole Juventus stadium rose to applaud the Real Madrid forward. It has been hailed as one of the best goals Champions League has ever seen but Zidane joked that he thought his in the 2002 final at Hampden Park against Bayer Leverkusen was better.

The first leg quarter final of UEFA Champions league played between Real Madrid and Juventus was truly enticing. But, the second goal was the most enthralling one out of the three goals Spanish giants tucked in. The 33-year-old Portuguese rising unnaturally high and firing the ball into the corner of the net with an incredible bicycle kick.

Seconds after the goal, Juventus fans followed Zidane’s lead to applaud the man. The man probably behind the teary eyes of Juve fans who may have lost the interest in Champions league this season.

Probably Zidane is right but past few years have also enjoyed some of the great bicycle kicks in football history. And that’s the spirit of the game. You applaud some great moments in a 90 minute match. So, we bring to you the selected 5 bicycle kick goals from past few years. Maybe not the best in the decade, but in a kind.

1. Antoine Griezmann (Athletico Madrid)

Mark the date 22 November, 2017. A nail biting match in group stage of C group in the champions league. Athletico Madrid vs AS Roma were head to head and Athletico Madrid couldn’t settle for anything less than the victory. The match was a goal-less draw till 68th minute until Griezmann stunned with his bicycle kick in the 69th minute. Later on, Gameiro with his 85th minute goal sealed the day. A vital victory for Athletico Madrid.

Best bicycle kicks in football
Antoine Griezmann’s stunning bicycle kick against Roma

2. Christian Benteke (Liverpool)

As a new buy for liverpool, Christain Benteke shows his worth at 32.5m euro. Liverpool had a very tough start to the season with two consecutive losses in 2015. Brendan Rogers, manager at Liverpool had tough time handling the situations. Manchester United outplayed Liverpool at Old Trafford with three goals up. That’s when Benteke rose to the occasion to keep hopes alive for the Kopites by scoring a stunner in the 85th minute for the rest of the season.

Best Bicycle Kicks
Christian Benteke’s flying Bicycle Kick against Manchester United

3. Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich)

The memories of thrashing VFL Wolfsburg in Bundesliga is just as fresh as it can be. Robert Lewandowski was on a roll last year for Bayen Munich. And what could be a day better than engraving his name on all the scored goals. Call it a lucky day or hard work but it was THE day for Lewandowski. The best of his form. Adding 4 goals to his name, the fifth goal was treat to the eyes of football lovers. A juicy half volley blended with bicycle kick and the ball back in the net.

Best bicycle kicks in football
Robert lewandowski celebrating after his fifth goal

4. Luis Suarez (FC Barcelona)

Well, one cannot call it a bicycle kick but scissor kick is a rare view in the game. And it was seen in the Champions league against Arsenal few months back. It was the second leg with Barcelona leading on aggregate (3-1). Poor defense of Arsenal led Dani Alves put a low air cross to Luis Suarez to which he scissor-kickedand put the ball back in the net. The scissor kick sealed Barcelona’s position ahead in the cup run.

best bicycle kicks in football
Suarez’s scissor kick

5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden)

Back in 2012, one of the most talked about goals. A 30 yard back volley goal against England was the hot topic and Zlatan Ibrahimovic was the name chanted. Sweden was already leading at 3-2 against England. In the additional minute, a little mistake by England goalkeeper turned the situation grave for them. But Ibrahimovic took the opportunity and back volleyed from outside the D-box. Everybody feels the goal is amazing yet Ibrahimovic claims it not to be his best.

best bicycle kicks in football
30 Yard goal from Back volley against England

The list has not ended. Recent football have many stories wrapped under the skin. Every football lover will appreciate good play and awesome skills. No matter which club or country they support, even the opponents are applauded for the skills. In recent past there have been many events added to the timeline and surely the young talent promises for some more. So, the actions will continue as well as the skills. Moreover, we will also be happy to watch high level skillful football.

5 best bicycle kick goals in football of recent past
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5 best bicycle kick goals in football of recent past
Ronaldo's bicycle kick in their major Champions league against Juventus left every football fan mesmerized. And it is considered one of the best in recent times. So, we bring five selected bicycle kicks of the recent past commemorating Ronaldo's stunner.
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