Big Changes Coming to College Football

Big Changes Coming to College Football

Most of the biggest focus when it comes to football is on making Super Bowl predictions, but leaving out the college game is a significant mistake. The NFL might be the most popular sport in the United States, but college football is a sport that isn’t too far behind. 


The path to determining a college football champion is one that has been critiqued over the past few decades, and it’s also something that has been changed as well. The College Football Playoff is currently in charge of naming the sport’s champion, and it operates outside of the NCAA altogether. 


Earlier this year, it was announced that the College Football Playoff will be expanding to 12 teams in 2026. The current format has just four teams involved in the final “tournament,” and some great teams always seem to get left out every single year. 


There is still some work to be done when it comes to figuring out how the committee is supposed to get to those 12 teams, but there are still a few years to figure things out. If recent rumors are true, though, it sounds like major changes could be coming to the College Football Playoff as soon as 2024. 


If there are significant changes that quickly, then there are going to be plenty of news stories coming out in the coming months as to the structure. The college world is expected to be flipped upside down soon anyways, as schools are changing conferences in an effort to build up the best leagues possible. 

ACC Commissioner Pushing For 2024

It is the Big Ten Conference and SEC that are going to be gaining the most in expansion as they are slated to get some of the most prolific college football teams in the country. The Big 12, ACC, and Pac-12 are also trying to position for expansion as well, and not just when it comes to their respective conferences.


Jim Phillips is the current commissioner of the ACC, and he believes that the CFP could be expanded to 12 teams as early as 2024. Speaking on behalf of some of the committee members, Phillips believes that the change can happen that quickly and noted that Notre Dame is also a part of the push.


Money is obviously the biggest reason that these leagues want to see the CFP expand, and the television networks wouldn’t have a problem with this either. Notre Dame would love to see more teams get into the field because that would mean that it would be hard to leave them out every single year. 


There was also some college basketball news mixed in at ACC media day because there have been some rumors about expanding the NCAA Basketball Tournament. That would come as a shock since this is arguably the best sporting event that takes place in the United States.

Big 12 Looking to Make Deals

The Big 12 Conference is set to be hit the hardest by conference expansion as they will be losing both Texas and Oklahoma. These are the two flagship programs of the Big 12 Conference, but the SEC is set to add them, and it will make that conference even better.


It wasn’t long before the Big 12 Conference was able to “steal” some programs from other leagues, and it should continue to be one of the better leagues in the country. There is no doubt that the Big 12 will continue to be represented in CFP moving forward, especially when it moves to 12 teams.


The most important thing for the Big 12 Conference is finding a new television partner, and it sounds as if the league is going to have options. It has been hard to find a Big 12 Conference game on television at times, but that shouldn’t be the case moving forward.


ESPN and FOX are going to be the biggest targets of the Big 12 Conference, and that would bring plenty of new exposure to the league. It will be big news when the Big 12 is able to land a new TV deal, and it shouldn’t happen too long after the current deals expire. 


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