How to Make More Money With your NBA Passion

How to Make More Money With your NBA Passion

Betting on the NBA isn’t as complicated as it sounds and can be fairly easy when you have the basics down. Most returning bettors searching for NBA picks know what to look for most of the time, but new bettors may be confused about what certain terms mean when seeking picks. Like all sports betting, there are main bets to make, such as moneyline, spread, and over/under, but also game props, player props, futures, and more. Below you will find the different ways you can bet on the NBA

Primary Bets on the NBA

The most simple and popular way of betting on the NBA is through the moneyline, which is choosing which team you think will win outright. Whether it is in regulation or overtime, the moneyline bet will be a winning bet if that team wins the game. For example, if the Celtics have moneyline odds of -150 and play against the Heat at +120, a $20 bet on the Celtics would result in a payout of $30 if the Celtics win. If a bettor takes $20 and thinks the Heat will win as the underdog, a payout of $44 would result in a win by the Heat.


Following the moneyline as the next popular bet to place is on the spread. The spread indicates the amount a team can win or lose by. For example, if the Celtics have a spread of -7.5 against the Heat, the Heat will have the opposite at +7.5. Those numbers indicate that the Celtics spread bettors will win if the Celtics win by eight or more points, while bettors on the Heat spread can win by the Heat losing by seven or fewer points or winning the game outright. Most bettors will take this route if the moneyline matchup isn’t even, as the odds on the spread are typically -110 each team.


The final primary method to bet on the NBA is on the over/under, which involves betting on the total combined points of the game. With the high scoring that occurs in the NBA, it is likely that bettors could find totals ranging from as low as 190 to as high as 230, depending on the two teams in the game. Like the spread, odds on the over/under are typically even at -110 each. For example, to see how an over/under works, the hypothetical total is set at over/under 220. A bettor on the over will win if 221 or more points are scored, while a bettor on the under will win if the score is below 220.

Other NBA Bets

Outside of betting on the moneyline, spread, and over/under, bettors can also choose from other options. One of these options is in a parlay which is taking two or more moneyline, spreads, or over/unders and combining them into one bet and needing both to result in a win for a profit. When researching NBA picks and parlays, one may find heavy favorites with money lines like -220 and -155 and combine them to get odds of +146.


Another way to bet on an NBA game is through player props. If a bettor is looking for NBA picks today, they will find opening day player props such as over/under on specific players’ total points, assists, rebounds, blocks, steals, etc. Most stats that are kept track of during a game, a bettor can bet on. For example, if Lebron’s points total is set at 24.5, an over bettor needs him to get 25 or more points to win. Along with player props are game props, which mostly revolve around betting on a specific team’s stats, such as total points by team or total fouls by team, and more.


Betting on the NBA is different than other sports in that the games have much higher point totals and typically have larger spreads on average. If you have basic knowledge of basketball, betting on the NBA can be both fun and, more importantly, profitable. Whether you are a casual or diehard fan, there are many ways to bet on an NBA game. As always, be responsible and have fun.


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