Dinesh Karthik Hits Last Ball Six To Win The Nidahas Trophy For India

Dinesh Karthik Wins It for India
Dinesh Karthik Smashes Last Ball Six to Win Seal The Nidahas Trophy For India

Dinesh Karthik did a Dhoni back there by finishing off in style with a six needed of the last ball. His performance in the ongoing Nidahas Trophy final has made him an overnight sensation among the cricket fans.  Before the start of the trophy, no one could have thought the level of excitement T20 cricket brings in with it.

Dinesh Karthik has surely cemented his place in the Indian team with his last ball heroic finish . India couldn’t have won this match with his efforts for sure.  Though Rohit Sharma held onto his innings from one end ,  it was Dinesh Karthik’s nerve wracking 8 balls 29 that completely teared apart the Bangladeshi bowling lineup.

The match was under India’s control from the start of first innings.  Restricting the Bangladeshi team to a total of 167 seamed a chaseable one . However, India couldn’t capitalize the opening partnerships and the first 10 overs. Wickets kept on falling at  regular intervals .

Suresh Raina failed to make an impact this series , Dhawan couldn’t give the much needed start. KL Rahul stayed on and played a knock of 24 of 14 balls along with Manish Pandey’s 28 of 27 balls.  But it was the cameo of Dinesh Karthik for that 8 balls which helped the Men In Blue towards victory.


Rohit Sharma’s Dismissal Put The Pressure Back On The Indian Team

Rohit was smashing from the start and seemed on a hurry to get 167 chased . Poor Shakib Al Hasan and Mehdy Hasan became Rohit’s victim from the beginning on the innings. Even after the loss of Dhawan and Raina, India were under control , kudos to Rohit for maintaining the flow of runs .

KL Rahul seemed to have extablished a good partnership with the captain but threw away his wicket cheaply. Then  Bangladesh started turning the tables by putting more pressure on Manish Pandey so that Rohit stays on the runner up end.

Rohit ended up going for an unnecessary shot which cost him his wicket. Vijay Shankar was promoted solely with the aim of taking quick singles and unleash boundaries when needed. Instead , he found it hard to even make contact with the ball and worsened India’s condition in the middle.

VIjay Shankar failed to understand the length and spin of Mustafizur Rehman as he was swinging his bat in thin air. Pandey’s wicket further deteriorated India’s hopes of winning this final. Pandey out from the crease , it was all on Dinesh Karthik to carry the match on his shoulders.

Dinesh Karthik Finishes Off In Style , Reminds The Fans Of Dhoni Back In 2011

Dinesh Karthik
Dinesh Karthik The Man Behind India’s Historic Nidahas Trophy Victory

Now the pressure crept up on the Indian players as the target was now 34 from 12 balls. Dinesh had anticipated Rubel  for bowling a yorker and thus stood outside the crease and smashed his very first ball for a 6.

Karthik whacked him for a boundary followed by another 6 thus getting the total now to 18. Now the match was atleast under India’s under control. Karthik went for a scoop shot to end his second last over with a 4.

Now 12 runs were required in the last over. Karthik’s menacing performance now put the Bangladesh back into pressure. The Bangladeshi captain Shakib had run out of options. He had no other choice but rely on Soumya Sarkar for the last over .

Perhaps things would have been different if Mehidy had been given to bowl the final over.  Things did go out of the hand from India when Soumya Sarkar conceded only 3 runs from the 3 balls of the over. Shankar somehow managed to connect the ball towards the third man region.

But even Vijay Shankar faded off in the second last ball of the innings. India now  needed 6 runs to take hold of the trophy or 4 runs to go for a super over. As soon as the ball cleared the boundary , Indian fans went from complete hiatus to crazy.  Within an hour , Dinesh Karthik became an overnight sensation for the Indian Cricket.


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