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Autotrader.Com Traffic Analytics & Market Share

Auto Trader is one of the leading online automotive classifieds. They offer a variety of services, including traffic analytics, market share analysis, and lead gen. In this post, we will walk you through how to use auto trader’s traffic analytics to improve marketing campaigns.

Autotrader.Com Traffic Analytics


Looking at’s traffic analytics can help you understand how your site is performing and where your market share is. The graph below, for example, shows that’s traffic has been increasing steadily over the past year. This data can help you determine which areas of your website are resonating with visitors and what you need to do to keep them coming back.

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Market Share


Market share is an important metric for automotive companies to track. It can show how much of the market a company has relative to its competitors, and it can help identify which products or services are most successful.

To calculate market share, takes traffic data from both its own site and competitor sites and compares it against total online sales figures reported by Automotive News (AN). The results are released quarterly and provide a snapshot of the industry at that time.

In the fourth quarter of 2016, accounted for 4% of all online sales in the automotive industry—a slight increase over 3% in the third quarter but still below 5% achieved in 2014 and 2015. In terms of page views, continued to lead the pack with nearly 36 million per month in Q4 2016.

The main competition for includes Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book, CarsDirect, and others. However, AN reports that dealership websites as a whole only account for about 1% of all U.S.-sold cars (2% worldwide). Therefore, it’s likely that the overall market share for automotive businesses is actually lower than what is indicated by these Traffic Analytics numbers alone.

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Looking to gain a better understanding of how is performing and where its traffic is coming from? Check out our Traffic Analytics report to see which engines are driving most of the site’s traffic, as well as market share information for each engine. This data will help you tailor your marketing efforts accordingly and determine where you might be losing users or potential customers.

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