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What Is Caliente.Mx?

Caliente Review - Sports, Virtuals & Casino + Pros & Cons (2022) is a website traffic, ranking, and analytics provider. The website provides online marketing tools and resources for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Caliente offers a variety of services including web traffic analysis, search engine optimization, Google AdWords management, and reporting, as well as social media monitoring. The website also provides tips and advice on branding, content marketing, and creating successful websites.

According to, has a global rank of 601,000th in the world and an estimated 1 million monthly visits. In addition, the website has received positive reviews from users who have found the information provided helpful.

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Traffic History of Caliente.Mx

The website traffic for peaked in May of 2018 and has been declining since. In the past year, the site has ranked in the top 1% for most visited websites in Mexico. The site receives an estimated 4,000 unique visitors each day.

The majority of the traffic to comes from search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and Lycos), with a lesser amount coming from referrals from other websites. The main keywords used to find the website are “caliente” and “Mexico”. The site’s analytics show that the majority of its visitors are female between the ages of 18-34.

Ranking of Caliente.Mx

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Looking at the traffic data for, we can see that the website is performing well. In this article, we will take a look at some of the key ranking factors and how they are related to traffic.

According to Alexa, is currently ranked #124,419 in the world and #7,568 in Mexico. This puts it in a good position and shows that there is a lot of interest in the website’s content.

One of the main ways that a website can rank well is by having high pageviews per visitor. In this case, averages around 8 pages per visit – which is great!

Another important factor when it comes to ranking is traffic sources. By looking at the traffic data, we can see that most of the visitors come from Google (53%) and Yahoo! (10%). This shows that there is a lot of interest in the site’s content from major search engines.

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Analytics of Caliente.Mx is a website that provides information on Mexican food and drink. The website was launched in 2009 and currently has an Alexa rank of 7,967,540. In this article, we will look at the website’s traffic, ranking, and analytics.

According to comScore figures for January 2015, had an average of 211,000 unique visitors per month. The site is ranked #1 for Mexican websites by traffic according to the same source. This ranking has remained consistent over the past six months according to SimilarWeb data (monthly average: 224K).

The site’s revenue comes from ad placements across its content and from a membership program that offers access to more in-depth content and events. According to Google Analytics data for October 2014, the primary category of users visiting are ‘Food & Drink’ (27%) followed by ‘Travel’ (21%), ‘Kids & Family’ (13%), and ‘Lifestyle’ (10%).

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