does instagram notify when you screenshot a post

Does Instagram Notify when You Screenshot a Post?‍

No! You can take a screenshot or record the screen of any story, message, profile, or post on any part of the site, and Instagram won’t let the person know. When you take a photo, Instagram might let you know in only one case. In this post, we’ll talk about that.

Why Would Someone Want to Take a Screenshot of A Story, Post?

Instagram is one of the most famous and widely used social media sites for sharing photos and videos. It is owned by Facebook. It’s a great way to keep up with people you look up to and a great place to find creative and interesting visual material.

Sometimes, you might want to keep a copy of a picture that someone else posted for your own use. Instagram lets you pin a picture, but if you want to do it quickly and want to see it when your phone isn’t connected to the internet, you might want to take a screenshot of it.

But one of the most common questions Instagram users have is whether or not taking a screenshot of a picture alerts the person who shared it. You’ll find the answer to this question and more in this piece.

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story?

No, when you take a picture of someone’s post or story, Instagram doesn’t tell them. It does, however, let people know when you take a picture of a photo or video that disappears that was sent to them in a DM (direct message chat).

Keep in mind, though, that Instagram released an update in 2018 that let users know if you took a picture of their stories.

But just a few months after the change, it was taken back. It does show that Instagram has built-in the ability to let users know if their stories are being taken screenshots of, so keep this in mind. Instagram might bring back a similar tool at some point in the future.

Also, keep in mind that Instagram doesn’t let you know when you take a screenshot of anything else in the app, including a user’s profile, their list of friends, or any other screen. This includes photos.

The same is true if you record a user’s video post on your screen: Instagram won’t tell them.

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Why Would You Want to Screenshot Instagram Posts?

Instagram lets you save pictures and videos you like so you can look at them later and find them quickly. Here’s how you can save Instagram posts:

    • Step 1. Go to the post that you want to bookmark, and tap on the bookmark icon, as shown below. shows a screenshot of a post on Instagram. It shows how to bookmark/save a post instead of taking a screenshot

    • Step 2. The post will be saved. If you want to save it to a collection, choose the collection that you want to save the post to, or create a new one. shows a screenshot of a saved post on Instagram feed.

That’s it. You can access all your saved images and videos by tapping on your profile picture, and then the three horizontal bars (menu icon) at the top-right corner > ‘Saved’. shows how to access saved posts on Instagram. This is an alternative to taking a screenshot of Instagram posts.

But you can’t see the posts you’ve saved unless you’re linked to the internet. If you want to look at images and movies you’ve bookmarked when you’re not online, it’s better to take a quick screenshot of them.

Also, as was said, saving a post as a favorite takes time. And if you want to share it with someone, they can only see it if they also have the Instagram app on their computer.

But if you take a photo of an Instagram post, you can do it in a few seconds, and you can share it just like any other image, through other chat apps or services. The person you send it to doesn’t need to have Instagram. Also, if you take a screenshot, you won’t have to worry about the person deleting or changing the original Instagram post.

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Does Instagram Notify Users when You Screenshot DMs?

Yes, but it comes with a catch. Not every picture or video you take a screenshot of in an Instagram DM (direct message) chat is shown. Instagram only lets you know when you take a screenshot of a photo or video message that is about to “disappear.”

A disappearing message is one that is taken from the camera straight from the DM chat. They can only be seen for a certain amount of time, and as soon as the other person has seen it, it goes away.

If you take a picture of a photo or video that someone has shared from their gallery or camera roll, Instagram won’t tell them. Also, if a user takes a picture of something that doesn’t disappear, like a post from their feed or a text message, they won’t be told.

How Does Instagram Notify Users of DM Screenshots?

When a user’s pictures in a direct message (DM) are taken a screenshot, Instagram will send a pop-up message to their phone. In the notice, you will also see the user name of the person who took the screenshot. shows the notification Instagram sent when a user takes a screenshot of a disappearing photo

If the picture has been taken a screenshot of, they will also see a small sign next to it in the chat. For example, when a screenshot is taken of a photo that is going away, a small starburst icon will show next to the photo:

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