Does Roku Have Youtube Tv: Here’s How To Watch YouTube TV on Roku And More Updates!

Does Roku Have Youtube Tv: Here’s How To Watch YouTube TV on Roku And More Updates!

As a Roku user, you may have heard about the ongoing disagreement between your device’s manufacturer and Google. Negotiation disputes between Roku and YouTube have resulted in a situation where Roku consumers are unable to use the YouTube TV subscription service on their Roku devices.

Google, on the other hand, is deploying a simple fix that will delight users (even though Roku is clearly not happy about it.) If it hasn’t already been made available to you, Roku users will be able to view YouTube TV directly from the main YouTube app in the coming days.

The YouTube app’s menu will include a “Go to YouTube TV” option. YouTube TV users will be able to view the service within the YouTube app on their Roku devices as a result of this change. If you’re unsure of the difference between the two apps,

here’s a brief explanation: The YouTube app is the primary method for accessing content. Roku users can still access this app. Customers of YouTube TV use the YouTube TV app to access the streaming service. With this move,


Google has found a solution to its ongoing battle with Roku by integrating YouTube TV into the YouTube app. According to Google, Roku users are still unable to subscribe to YouTube TV. Only current YouTube TV members will be able to use the “Go to YouTube TV” option.

Roku users might also sign up for YouTube TV on another device and then enter into their account on their Roku device. Because Roku only removed YouTube TV from its channel shop, Google is presumably relying on that.

Users of the YouTube TV app for Roku who already have it installed on their device can continue to view the streaming service. As a result of failed negotiations between Roku and Google, the YouTube TV app was removed from Roku’s channel store last week.

Controversy has gone public in this case. In spite of our best efforts to reach a mutually beneficial agreement, Roku terminated our agreement in bad faith during our negotiation,” Google noted on its YouTube TV blog.

This strategy has unfortunately been used by Roku on a number of occasions with other streaming services. Other streaming services, like Peacock, have gone silent on Roku as a result of contract issues, according to Google.


Google has been accused of monopolistic behavior by Roku. In reaction to Google’s YouTube TV workaround, the firm sent a statement to The Verge in which it retaliated. In the words of Roku, “Google’s activities are the clear conduct of an unrestrained monopolist bent on killing fair competition and damaging consumer choice.”

… YouTube’s revelation of bundling shows the kind of aggressive business tactics used by Google that Congress, Attorney Generals, and regulatory organizations around the world are investigating.” Roku claims that the issue at hand isn’t a matter of money.

Google’s “anti-competitive activity of altering user search results” and “sensitive data” are at issue. In response to Google’s workaround, Roku has the ability to remove the YouTube app from its channel store.

Roku has dropped YouTube TV, but it's still available for those who have the app downloaded

To make matters more complicated, far more Roku users access the free YouTube site rather than the paid YouTube TV subscription service. It’s not clear when these concerns will be resolved between the two companies. However, for the time being, it appears that both services’ users are no longer being hampered.

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