Edikted: How A Trending, Digitally Native Brand Found Stability and Scalability

For the last year, Edited—a digital-native brand that focuses on sustainable and ethically sourced products—has been hurtling towards a major milestone: 1 million unique visitors per month. To get there, they turned to Shopify for a platform that could support their rapidly growing e-commerce business. In this blog post, we will explore how Edikted found stable, scalable fulfillment through Shopify. We’ll also share tips on how you can replicate their success by using Shopify as your go-to e-commerce platform.

Background of the Company

How a Trending, Digitally Native Brand Found Fulfillment | Whiplash

Edikted is a company that specializes in digital fulfillment and provides an online platform to manage orders. The company was founded in 2014 by two entrepreneurs, who identified an unmet need in the marketplace and set out to fill it.

Today, Edikted operates as a trending, digitally native brand with over 150,000 satisfied customers. The company has built a strong reputation for providing stable, scalable fulfillment solutions that provide ease of use for both customers and merchants.

One of the main reasons Edikted has been successful is its focus on customer experience. The company aims to make the checkout process as quick and easy as possible for its customers, while still ensuring that all orders are fulfilled quickly and accurately.

In addition to offering quality service, Edikted also understands the importance of keeping its merchant partners happy. That’s why the company offers flexible payment options and quick delivery times so that merchants can focus on their business goals rather than worrying about logistics.

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How They Found Stable, Scalable Fulfillment

illustration of a woman holding up a shirt, being taped for a tiktok live. To the right is a phone with the edikted tiktok account on the screen.

In a world where consumers are constantly changing their behavior, it’s increasingly important for businesses to find stable and scalable fulfillment methods if they want to remain successful.

Edited is a digitally native brand that has found success by using a hybrid model that combines traditional fulfillment methods with eCommerce. By doing this, the company is able to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and keep up with trends, all while scaling its operations as needed.

One important factor in Edikted’s success is its commitment to customer feedback. The company actively solicits feedback from customers both online and in person, using it to make changes to its products and processes. This continual engagement has helped Edikted keep up with the latest trends and remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.

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Tactics Used to Achieve Stability and Scalability

a laptop with an edikted product page on the screen next to a quote from scott weiss, vice president of development and ryder ecommerce by whiplash: ‘forecasting accurately is almost impossible, which means we must work closely with edikted on a daily basis to accommodate growth’

There is no one answer to achieving stability and scalability in a digitally native brand, as the success of any solution will depend on the specific circumstances and goals of the brand. However, there are several tactical measures that can be taken to help achieve stability and scalability.

First, it is important to have a clear vision for the future of the brand and its values. This will help to set boundaries for how much change is acceptable and ensure that all aspects of the brand are aligned with its overall goals.

Second, it is essential to ensure that all departments are working together harmoniously. This means creating clear job descriptions and assigning responsibilities within departments in a way that promotes teamwork and eliminates duplication of effort.

Third, it is important to constantly measure progress and make adjustments as needed. This means using reliable data sources to track key metrics such as website traffic, product sales, customer retention rates, etc. Whenever changes are made, it is important to test them out first in a limited scope before implementing them across an entire organisation.

Fourth, it is important to establish clear communication channels between all levels of the company so that everyone understands what’s going on and can make informed decisions accordingly. This includes setting up regular meetings between management and key team members, as well as hosting town halls or webinars where employees can ask questions directly from CEO or other top officials.

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What do trends and digital natives have in common? They change fast. But what if you’re a brand that wants to stay stable, even as your customers adopt new devices, platforms, and behaviors?

To answer that question, Edikted turned to fulfillment. “We needed to create a fulfillment process that could scale with us,” says Co-Founder and CEO Jonathan Renshaw. “This meant automating the order process as much as possible so we could focus on our core product.”

Edikted’s journey began by building an intuitive order management system that allowed customers to place orders and track their progress through an online dashboard. From there, they set about automating the entire fulfillment process, from shipping to returns. “Our goal was to make it as easy as possible for our customers to get the products they wanted,” says Renshaw.

The results? Over 120% increase in orders processed per month and a 98% increase in customer satisfaction ratings – proof that Edikted’s strategy of staying agile while sticking to tradition pays off big time.

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It can be tough to scale a digitally native brand. After all, your customers are used to getting their products and services quickly and easily, without any hitches. But it’s not impossible—in fact, one company has managed it quite successfully. In this article, we’ll take a look at how Edikted scaled its fulfillment operations so that the brand could remain stable and continue to grow in popularity. By following these steps, you can guarantee that your business will thrive even in times of rapid growth.

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