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Fix My Speaker: A Way to Make Sounds Better

Even the most careful people have had their phones get wet, which is a scary experience. Your phone can get wet when it rains hard or if you drop it on the beach, in the pool, or, worst of all, in the toilet.

Most phones are now water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. But phones that aren’t waterproof won’t be unharmed if you drop them in water by accident, and they’re more likely to break.

Common problems with phones include touch screens that are slow to respond, cameras that fog up, and speakers that don’t work right. There are many tricks you can use to keep your phone from breaking down and rusting.

For example, you need to turn off the device and put it in a sealed container with something that can soak up liquid, like rice or silica gel packets. If you are wondering how to clean my speaker of water, the Fix My Speakers app can help.

Before we get into the fix my speaker review, let’s talk about how the fix my speaker app came to be.

The Inception of the Fix My Speakers App

This Fix My Speakers app was started on October 8, 2019, with the goal of helping people with problems with the sound systems on their smartphones. Water and dust that have gathered around the speakers cover them, making them hard to hear.

Fix My Speakers app is a very useful web app that can solve these kinds of problems. This app can make sounds and vibrations at different frequencies that help remove water from your phone’s speaker.

The web app is also compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You can also choose to download the fix my speaker app separately from the Google Play Store for your Android device.

Currently, the App Offers:

  • Boosted water and dust ejecting sound to fix my speaker volume.
  • Eliminated the need to ‘fix my speakers app’ download as users can access it via the web.
  • More than 7+ fix my call speaker cleaning and water removal sounds
  • No need to use extra apps that offer to fix my sound system functionalities

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How Does the Fix My Speakers App Work?

When water gets into the speaker enclosure of your phone, the sound gets muffled. Even if the liquid dries up, leaving it there can cause a lot of damage. Fix my speaker is a web app that works like the water-ejection feature on the Apple Watch.

With it, you press a button on the web app, and the phone plays a specific tone, making sound waves that get rid of the water in the speakers. Fix my phone helps fix your phone’s speaker by playing an ultra-low 165Hz frequency sound that gets rid of water.

You can also choose the frequency level yourself, which can be anywhere from 155 Hz to 550 Hz. If you don’t know how to get dust out of the speakers on your iPhone or Android device, how to clean my speaker, or how to fix my speaker, the fix my speaker app is what you need.

Features of the Fix My Speakers App

Users love an app because it has features that aren’t found anywhere else. In this review of the fix my speaker’s app, we’ve put together a list of the best things about it that make it stand out from other apps on the market.

  • Cleaning modes

Fix My Speaker

The auto cleaner test mode and the manual cleaner test mode are the two cleaning modes that come with the fix my speakers’ volume app. Let’s learn a bit more about them:

  • Auto mode

Fix My Speaker

In the Auto mode, the app runs a self-cleaning test and makes sound waves and vibrations that move the water out of your phone speakers automatically. You can see how the Auto cleaner test is going and stop it by tapping STOP on the app’s interface while the test is running. When the app is in auto mode, it makes the sound louder by itself.

  • Manual mode

The fix my speakers’ app also has a mode called “Manual.” When you need to switch between auto and manual mode because of how much water is in the phone, manual mode is best. In the manual cleaner test mode, the user can change how often the sound waves play by hand.

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Frequency Adjustment

Fix My Speaker

The app lets you change the frequency, so you can raise or lower the frequency of the sound waves it makes in manual mode. To change the frequency, you can move the ball pointer around the meter.

In the middle, you can see the frequency that users have chosen by hand. The app lets you change the frequency, so you can raise or lower the frequency of the sound waves it makes in manual mode. To change the frequency, you can move the ball pointer around the meter. In the middle, you can see the frequency that users have chosen by hand.


Unlike other water removal applications in the marketplace, this app is free to download and use. The app doesn’t offer subscription plans empowering users to access every basic and advanced feature.

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Tips for Best Experience with Fix My Speakers App

Remove the headphone for a better experience: If you take off your headphones, the sound waves will be amplified, and water will be removed quickly and effectively. Your phone speaker will be clean in no time.

Position of the speaker: How well your speaker removes water depends on where it is placed. Place your smartphone so that the speaker is facing down. You wouldn’t want water to get inside the device, so the speaker should be facing down to give water a place to go.

Volume setup: Turn up the device’s volume as high as you can. By turning up the volume, the sound waves that push the water out of your phone’s speaker will be amplified and work better.

Modes: You can use the app’s two modes to get water out of your phone’s speaker. To get the most out of the fix my speaker’s app, use both the auto mode and the manual mode in order to clean water out of your phone’s speaker. Do the same thing more than once to get results faster.

What to Do After Dropping Your Phone in The Water?

Here are a few tips that you can use after you accidentally drop your phone in water:

  • Turn it off immediately either by removing the battery or long pressing the power button
  • Use a dry cloth or microfiber towel to wipe it clean using 99% isopropyl alcohol
  • If the phone’s been submerged in water for a long, put it in a sealed container with water-absorbing substances like silica gel packets for over 24 hours.

What Not to Do After Dropping Your Phone in Water

Here are a few common mistakes we make whenever our phone dunks in water. Ensure never to perform these steps and use Fix My Speakers App instead.

  • Do not use a hair dryer to dry out the phone
  • Never put it in a microwave
  • Don’t plug it into charging
  • Don’t blow air into the speaker grill of the device

Pros of the Fix My Speaker app

  • Available on Android Play Store
  • Accessible for iOS with Web App
  • Great navigation
  • Resulting features

Cons of the Fix My Speaker app

  • Doesn’t work best on highly wet phones
  • Higher battery consumption on continuous app usage

Additional Details of the Fix My Speaker App

Additional Details

MAD Rating

Security – 4.7
Features – 4.8
Pricing – 5.0 (Free)
Navigation – 4.8

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After reading this review of the Fix My Speakers app, I hope you know how it works and how to clean your phone’s speakers with it. There are other apps for cleaning water and dust on the market, but Fix My Speaker is a reliable, trusted, and free web app. Get your app reviewed by us if you want to get your product in front of your target market and build marketing materials from that.


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