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Analysis of Traffic and Market Share is a website that allows users to login and access information about their vehicles, including service and maintenance records. The site also includes a marketplace where users can buy and sell used vehicles. We have recently been analyzing the traffic to and have uncovered some interesting insights about the site’s users. In this blog post, we will share some of our findings about the site’s traffic, including demographics, geographic location, and more.

Fmcdealer.Dealerconnection.Com Overview


The website is a resource for dealerships that sell or service Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles. The site provides traffic analytics and market information to help dealerships optimize their online presence and better understand the automotive market.

Some of the key features of the website include:

-A detailed overview of web traffic to the site, including page views, unique visitors, and time spent on the site
-A breakdown of traffic sources, including organic search, direct traffic, and referral traffic
-An analysis of popular pages on the site and how users are interacting with them
-A look at how the site ranks in comparison to other automotive websites

This information can be invaluable for dealerships looking to improve their online marketing efforts and better understand their customers.

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Fmcdealer.Dealerconnection.Com Traffic Statistics is a website that provides traffic statistics and market information for Ford and Lincoln dealerships. The website offers two types of traffic reports: real-time and historical. Real-time reports show the number of visitors to a dealership’s website as well as the location of those visitors. Historical reports provide data on a dealership’s website traffic over time, allowing dealerships to track trends and patterns. also offers market information, such as new vehicle sales data and customer satisfaction ratings, to help dealerships better understand their customers and make informed decisions about inventory levels and pricing.

Fmcdealer.Dealerconnection.Com Market Share

According to, has a global rank of 109,867 and a US rank of 37,480. They estimate that the website has approximately 46,700 daily unique visitors and 543,000 daily pageviews. The site is popular in Canada (rank 12,141), but also has significant traffic from the United States (rank 37,480) and Mexico (rank 66,192). estimates that has 907,527 unique monthly visitors and 4,545,921 pageviews per month. The site is most popular with people aged 25-34 and 35-44 years old and has a higher than average income. estimates that has 44% direct traffic, 30% referring sites traffic, and 26% search traffic. The top five countries where the site receives the most traffic are United States (42%), Canada (18%), Mexico (11%), United Kingdom (4%), and Germany (3%).

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Fmcdealer.Dealerconnection.Com Competitors

There are a number of websites that offer similar services to, including:

– This website offers a wide range of car-buying resources, including dealer reviews and ratings, as well as prices for new and used vehicles.

– This website also provides dealer reviews and ratings, as well as prices for new and used vehicles. In addition, offers a tool that allows users to search for specific types of cars based on their desired features.

– Kelley Blue Book: This website is perhaps best known for its car value estimates, but it also provides dealer ratings and reviews.

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analytics is’s estimated market research arm and traffic analysis service. The website receives around 15,500 visitors per day, most of which come from the United States (41%), followed by Canada (15%) and the United Kingdom (5%). Based on these numbers, it seems that is a fairly popular website in North America with a decent amount of traffic coming from other parts of the world as well.

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