Google Gravity

What Is Google Gravity Trick?

Mr. Doob, a programmer and artist, created the popular internet hoax known as Google Gravity. The prank involves manipulating the layout and functionality of the Google search engine using JavaScript to make it appear as if the website’s elements have become “unmoored” and are “falling” to the bottom of the page.

Simply visit the Google Gravity website ( to experience Google Gravity for yourself. You will notice a standard Google search bar and logo at the top of the page when you arrive. However, as soon as you begin to type in the search bar or interact with the page in any way, you will realise that something is wrong.

For instance, if you attempt to click on the Google logo, it will “fall” towards the bottom of the page, as if being pulled by gravity. If you attempt to type in the search bar, the letters of your query will appear to “float” before “settling” into position.

Google Gravity may appear to be a simple joke, but it is actually a clever demonstration of JavaScript’s power. Mr. Doob was able to provide users with an entirely new and unexpected experience by manipulating the HTML and CSS elements of the Google search engine.

Obviously, Google Gravity is not a serious search engine; it is simply a fun way to pass the time and appreciate the creative potential of the web. However, it serves as a reminder of the potential for innovation and experimentation that exists within the programming and web development communities.

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