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5 Top Methods to Restore the Google Search Bar Widget on Android

Google is the best search engine available. Other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo are doing their best to compete with Google, but the search engine’s search capabilities, optimization, and cross-platform capabilities make it untouchable. Now the question is how to restore the Android widget Google Search bar

Several widgets are available for use in Android smartphone applications, facilitating searches. The Google search bar has become an integral component of the majority of users’ home screens, and the widget enables us to search for anything in a matter of seconds. But what if the widget disappears? Here are the greatest solutions to the issue.

  • Ring the Widget Back

This comes under the widget category so if you head to widgets you can easily get the search bar back to do so follow the below steps.

Step 1 – Long press the home screen to see the widget icon.

google search bar

Step 2 – Carefully search for the Google search bar.

google search bar

Step 3 – Just drag and drop to the desired location of the screen.

google search bar

  • Install Google Application

google search bar

  • Clear cache

The disappearance of a widget may be the result of a corrupt cache file. This file is stored on your machine so that the application, or widget in this example, can be launched immediately. The faulty cache can occur for a variety of reasons, and if this is the cause of your Android’s issue, simply press and hold the Google application icon to access App info, then navigate to Storage and cache > Clear cache.

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Check for update

Check the application and smartphone for updates. Any pending update causes the application or user interface to misbehave, as incompatible upgrades cause compatibility difficulties. Check the Playstore to see if the application has been updated. On the search menu, enter Google and check to see if the update option appears before it. For UI heat update to Settings and search. If there are pending updates, obtain them as quickly as feasible. Now repeat the previous step to determine if the widget has returned.

  • Restart Phone

google search bar

Your widget may have vanished owing to a fault in the user interface. This can be remedied by restarting the system. Restarting the device will also restart the applications, allowing you to fix any temporary glitches or issues. Hold the power button for two seconds, then hit the restart button. Let the phone to finish restarting, and then repeat the first step to see if the widget has returned. This is one of the simplest methods to restore the Google Search widget on Android.

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Bonus Tip 

Consider utilizing a widget from a different browser; for example, if you have Mozilla Firefox installed on your mobile device, you might use its search bar. The majority of browsers have a search widget in the widgets section. Try a different widget to add diversity and fix your problem. You may also consider switching to the Google assistant’s full functionality. It is a hands-free alternative to using the Google search bar.

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